Thursday, April 22, 2010

I eat birthday cards for fun

Dad's birthday is coming up very soon (he'll be 29 again), so mom decided to give him a birthday card everyday for a month before the big day. See dad doesn't like his birthday, so every year mom has to come up with something to make his birthday good. So every night she tries to get me to run down the hallway with a card in my mouth. The trick is to...
A. Not slobber on the card
B. Not eat the card in the process (I point to exhibit a...see how well that's going)
C. Run right up to dad and give him the card
Reality, I run around the house with the card in my mouth. I chew the ends, sneeze on it then make dad chase me around to get it. This is all part of the plan to put a smile on dad's face. It totally works! See mom does her part, and I am doing mine.
I am currently working with mom to do something special for his birthday...but since he reads this, I can't go into detail here. I will share with everyone once he gets the surprise. So does anyone else do anything special for their mom/dad on their birthday?


  1. Hey Bella-T ~

    You look TOTALLY cute. No wonder your dad keeps turning 29 - he wants you to keep bringing him cards :)

    One more day til Pug Saturday!

  2. Hello Lady Bell-

    Hee Hee Hee... My Daddy just turned 29 agains too this past november. He didn't mind it much. Daddy's b-day is always around thanksgiving so Mommy is always calling hims a Turkey. Hee Hee. I wasn't around for when my Mommy um turned 29 fsejhhaihdfhsgail "ouch" hfhshalhh "stop it" ..... Sorry 'bouts thats! Izzy just wacked the 'puters outs of my paws 'cuz she thoughts Mommy would gets mad if everyone knew how many times Mommy turned 29! Hee hee hee! But I heards from Anakin that Mommy locked herself in the bedrooms for 1/2 the day and played loud music and wouldn't take any phone calls....hee hee hee.
    But last summer Daddy called Mommys boss and asked her to give Mommy offs for her B-days and he planned a big surprise party for her. My Mommy and my Grandma (Daddy's Mommy) have the SAME b-day! So the "plan" was the two of them were going to go to a movie. Mommy thoughts that was cool and alls, but she was like -dude -she wanted hers mans to takes her outs- boy did Daddy pants tricks her. Everyone was there. Even my auntie T.T. You and Your Mommy gots to do something Big time! Turning 29 for the 2nd time is a very big deals (hee Hee)!

    Love ya,

  3. Hiya Puglet, I'm not as talented as you yet, but I aspire to be that smart. Mom says I have long ways to go. Hmmm....I think she's being a smart ass.
    I look forward to tomorrow too. I hope word gets out to pugs everywhere.

  4. Hiya Gang!! My mom says she felt like she was a spry 26 back in September, but since October 14th, she's felt older than her 35 years. I didn't come to live here until October 14th, so I don't know what could have happened to make her feel older. I should ask dad.
    Oh mom and I have surprises for dad, I shared them with my good friend Spencer. He promised he won't tattle though. Humans get excited over the silliest things. I wonder if dad wants his own bully stick for his birthday...

  5. OMD - Your Momma and Mommy are the same ages? And our Daddys are too? Why can't we live close by!!! So your Momma robbed the cradle too? (I don't know what that mean...I just hear Mommy telling her friends that) Mommy will big the big 35 in June. She said it was ok for me to tell you since your Momma was brave for giving hers!

    xoxoxo Josie

  6. Hiya BT! That is very thoughtful of you to bring your daddy his birthday cards. I bet it makes him very happy. It's kind of like when you bring me a piece of the bark from our park and I know that makes me happy. Your mom told me what she's got planned for the birthday're daddy sure has a surprise in store for him! =)
    16 more hours till our play time!!!

  7. Bellatrix! Thats awesome!! I like to be chased too. I make my daddy play chase with me too! I hope he has a very special birthday!