Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hand me a tissue

My battles with allergies landed me at the vet yesterday and mom with another bill. I have to take a new pill to help with my sniffles. Mom doesn't like to give me pills and such, but my lack of breathing makes it necessary to take this tiny pill 3 times a day. Mom likes me to be feisty and a trouble maker, but this pill kinda knocks me out. When I am awake, mom thinks I'm not myself. I hope this allergy season doesn't last too long. Do any of you have allergies? A lot of my pug friends do and luckily it seems to go away kinda fast.
Even though I spent most of today asleep and a little loopy, I did manage to try a new dog park, and found only one dog who wanted to be my friend. I liked the park it was very clean and had lots of grass to run around in, but not many of the dogs wanted to play. I think I'll stick to the park Spencer and I play at. Speaking of which...I hope I feel like myself by Saturday because mom told me we get to go and have a play date with him. She's so funny....she tells me "Let's go play with Spencer!" and I get all excited and she just laughs. Dad is going with us too, and he likes to run with us and throw the ball.
The best thing about our park is no grass or's all wood chips so my allergies will be OK. I'm heading back to says she might just get used to lazy pug....


  1. Hi,

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  2. Hi Camilynn, Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I will have to check out the website.

  3. Hello Bell -

    We are sad to see you all balled up in the couch. We hopes you are backs to yourself in times for your playdate with Spence on Saturday.
    When your Mommy said you had sniffles was it lots? Were you sneezing too?
    We just scratch. Sometimes sneeze after Daddy cuts the grass. Anakin last summer had to go on benadryl because his little skins was iching him. Mommy and Daddy bathe him in sensitive shampoo.
    We hope you feel better Bellatrix!!!
    Great big get better hugs,
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  4. Thanks guys for your well wishes. I do sneeze a lot, but I have watery eyes too! I'm having a hard time breathing. These pills are helping, but they make me a bit sleepy. I luckily don't scratch, just sneeze. Ugh! I hope your allergies aren't too bad for you.

  5. Belly!! Get to feeling better...we have major business to attend to this weekend. We've got to run and wreak havoc on our park my love. We can always stop and take a breather in the sun...

  6. aw Bellatrix I am sorry allergies are no fun!
    I am on benedryl all the time :( I get a peanut butter snack thou when I tak eit and that is yummy