Saturday, April 10, 2010

My crate...friend or foe?

So this past week I've kinda been MIA and I apologize to anyone who takes the time to read my blogs. See Tuesday at 4 in the morning, I hear Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" going off which only means one's got a phone call. So after I'm woken up a few times by this mom grumbles that we can go back to sleep. We go to mom's work like normal, but today we're not there all day...we leave early? Is this Lady Gaga's doing? Once home with dad, mom leaves for a very long time. Dad has to put me in the crate and go to work...mommy still isn't home.
Where is's very late...I guess I'll nap... 12:35 am Wed that the garage I hear? It's very that you?? Mom was finally home...where were you? I've been in here so's past bed time...After lots of hugs and even some lap time, it's time for bed so back to my crate (that's where I sleep). After a few short hours of sleep mom was back up and over breakfast explained that her brother's baby was finally born! Little Sarah made her poor mommy go through lots of labor, and mom had to hang out in the hospital with babies (yuck!)
I spent lots of time in my crate, so mom made a pit spot to daycare for me, as I needed to run off all this energy. I love my crate...for the most part. I sleep in it at night and travel in it as well. I don't like when mom and dad leave me in it when they go out, but if I had a play date and was really tired (like on my Spencer Saturday) then I'm OK with taking a nap while they run errands. So does anyone else go in their crate too? Do you like it or hate it? I have a wire one, is yours?


  1. Hey BT! Mom bought a crate for me when I was a baby but I have never spent more than 5 minutes in the thing. I sleep in mom's big bed so the crate houses all my toys now. Mom did buy me a new car traveling crate today and I am still getting used to it. I cried a bit when I rode in it for the first time...but it's actually pretty comfortable. When I realized the traveling crate was taking me to our play date I calmed down...we sure did have fun today! Hopefully we can play again soon!!

  2. We have wire crates. Even though we each have one, we like going into the crate together! When the pawrents aren't home, sometimes we like to just go hang out in the crate. At night, when Mom starts to get ready for bed, Foo scoots right in, but sometimes I like a game of chase before I go to sleep!
    We love our crate!

  3. Hiya Spencer, mom totally missed our play date yesturday. She was happy dad could take me instead. So your mom got you a crate too? Trust me you'll like it after a while. Mom has a bed and my first 2 toys in mine. I can't sleep without them. I get a little overheated in the back of mom's car sometimes, so every once in a while she lets me stay up front and I bite the air coming out the AC. Shhh...don't tell dad.

  4. Agent 99....I sooo love me a game of chase. It's even better when I have something I'm not suppose to have, mom tells me to "drop it" and even though I know what to do, I just run away and make her mad. hehehe...
    I used to just sleep in my crate, but now I have total access to the sofe and well, that's one soft sofa, so I just plop down there instead. I'm glad you love your crate, I do too, it's just that I love the sofa more.

  5. Hey Bella-T~

    I was starting to miss your little smiling face :) Glad everything is OK!

    I had a crate once for about a week. It was after I died, had brain damage and couldn't walk. Since my brain was damaged, I don't remember anything about it though.

    Dutch is a crate freak. He spent so many years in a kennel, he's like programmed to crate himself. My human said he tried REALLY hard to fit in mine.

  6. Hello Bellatrix -

    We are so happy to hear from you!!! Congratulations on your new human cousin!!!

    We all three have crates. Josie loves hers the best which is ironic seeing is she wasn't in hers today!!!

    Mommy and Daddy explain that the crates are to protect us, not to punish us...Pla-lease! Myself or Izzy don't like 'um!!!
    The parental units try not to keep us in them for long periods at a time.
    Grandma takes care of us a lots when Mommy had crazy work hours and about five neighbors on our block have Mommy and Daddys house Keys. Well, truth be told...Mommy always is locking herself out of the house too. My Mommy is prolly a little older than your Mommy, but she likes Lady GaGa too and was laughing at your Mommys ring tone.

    So hey Missy Bella - Thanks for the compliments. You made me blush... I have eyes for Sequioa...but you are so sweet and kind! I thinks you are quite the looker too.
    Next time Mommy and Daddy leaves us home we are going to have to plan in advance to giant par-ty!

  7. Wait a minute Puglet...what happened you died? Huh??? You have my parents scratching their heads on that one.

  8. Hiya Anakin,
    I'm glad you guys have each other, but for right now I'm an only child and mom thinks I'll destroy the house if I have all that freedom. I like the chew on stuff right in front of her, like the area rug, so I don't think she's too far off thinking I might get into a wee bit of trouble if left to my own devices.
    I'd love to party anytime with you Anakin, I'd soooo be your Leah (sorry Spencer I'm not cheating I promise)

  9. I had a crate when I was little, then again when Sluggo came. When Brigitte came, she had a crate too. Her former people called it her hotel. They told Mom that all she had to do was tell her to go to her hotel. Brigitte went in there one time and cried and cried. She never went in again.
    We sleep in the big bed and Mom had a crate downstairs for us to hang in. We didn't go in much and Mom gave it to her friend that has 2 new puppies.