Tuesday, April 13, 2010

brown box surprise

Today was a mixed bag of happenings in my life. I wasn't feeling so great last night..something called allergies. I had watery eyes and was sneezing all over the place. I couldn't sleep and kept mom up all night. Today I spent the day at grandma's catching up on my sleep. When mom came to pick me up, she said we had to go see my vet...which means...the scale!!!
Now I love my vet, he's really nice and he thinks I'm as cute as a button, but he always gives me the "I have a hard time feeling your ribs" speech. Today wasn't so bad, I'm 18lbs and 11 oz, and she stated that wasn't bad...but that I had to watch myself. I told him I will beef up my play sessions and watch my treat intake. I got some pills for my sniffles and a treat from the girls at the front desk! Hey, I no longer had to weigh in.
Once home mom was excited to see our brown box of treats had arrived! There were so many goodies inside and mom said it was so cheap we got extra stuff. I got an extra big yak treat, some sweet potato chews, antlers, bison and my favorite bully sticks. I was so good at the vet that mom let me have a sweet potato chew and it was super yummy. Mom said we will have to order from them again and she wanted to share who they are with everyone. The name of the company is best bully sticks and they even own pugs! Well I'm off to enjoy my new treats and snuggle with mom.


  1. ANTlers? Wow. Lemme know about those!!

    We aren't fans of the sweet potato chews in my house. I mean, my human thought they were a good idea, but I wasn't into them at all and neither was Dutch. Let me know if you like yours and you can have ours!!

  2. Whoa! Cool BT...lots of goodies!! Sucks you have allergies but glad to hear you got something to help ease the sniffles. Happy chewing my love!

  3. Puglet...I've been eye balling those antlers, but mom gave me a sweet potato instead. How could you not love those? I was in heaven! So yummy...I still have to try my bison treat oh man I'm in chew utopia.

  4. Spencer that is a lot of goodies, but mom said the website was so cheap she couldn't resist. It's going to be a chewtastic night!

  5. Oh Bellatrix -

    You are one lucky puggie!!!

    Lots of treats! Yummy! Congrats on the weight. We always tell Daddy to get his big foot off the scale when he takes us to the vets. (Hee hee hee... snorts) Daddy tells Mommy we are watermelons. Mommy tells Daddy he has a melon head! Hee hee hee.
    Eat some treats for us!!!

    Big hugs from these Pugs,
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  6. Seems like everyone is suffering with the allergies. Be better soon!
    Good news at the scale is always nice. What a huge pain in the pugbutt to have to even worry about it!