Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pug Saturday

So if you are cool enough to take the time to read my blog, you'll know that last Saturday we had our first unofficial Pug Saturday!! See mom works on Sundays and she can never make the Pug Sunday events anywhere in the bay area, so my mom and Spencer's mom came up with the idea of Pug Saturday. We hijacked...er used this secluded dog park in Clayton where we Spencer and I play all the time. Can you believe there is a perfectly good dog park just laying around that no one really uses? Well we do!! It was totally awesome! Spencer and I were there (causing so much trouble as is the norm), this super unique looking pug Phantom (half his face is fawn the other is black! How freaking awesome is that?!?) and you won't believe it....Puglet and Brother Dutch came!!! Puglet has been so busy with his green video, but he was so cool to come and hang with us. I totally tried to take Dutch's Henrietta away, but he didn't like that too much. Dutch is the Dalmatian in the corner looking at all us pugs on the table.
Anyways......what was so neat-o was that I got to see "the jimmy" in person. Puglet is so smart and cute, (don't worry Spencer you're the only pug for me) but the whole crowd was amazed at all Puglet can do. His mom even gave me a new treat...I ate a goldfish! I hope it didn't mind.
It was so fun!! Even though Pug Saturday wasn't as popular as the Pug Sunday in SF, it was still loads of pug fun! There were snorts all around. If you live in the bay area, I hope you can make the next one!! Oh and thanks to Spencer's grandma for this picture...mom tried to take pictures, but all she got was pug butts...shesh mom!


  1. Hello there!
    I couldn't resist clicking on your blog because I love looking at as many pugs as possible! I didn't realize until the end of your post that you are all standing on the table! Wow! You puggies are so agile!
    I think the Pug Sunday idea is a very good one and I bet you will have a lot more friends to hang out with once the news spreads!

  2. Thanks Petsitgal. All my pug friends are fun to hang with and as we all know...us pugs are too cute! I'm modest as well..hehe. Glad you like to read my blog...I always have opinions because I'm so young and slightly crazy. I too read lots of pug blogs...see we already have one thing in common!

  3. Pug Saturday...pawsome! We have a meet up usually the 1st of every month...I told Mom we need more pug time! Just like you!


  4. I think everyone could use more pug time! I love that idea!!

  5. Hey Bella-T!

    My human took loads of cute, butt-free pictures - I'll post some on the DP tomorrow.
    Thanks again for starting Pug Saturday - it was superfun!

    Are there any other parks in the area to hijack?? Had some serious internal drama with the wood chips I ate. Human says I'm not allowed to go back there if I can't abstain (??) from eating wood chips. I don't know what "abstain" means but it doesn't sound like something I'll be very good at :(

  6. Please let me know about the next Pug Saturday. I sometimes work Sundays and can't make it to the outings. Let me know at pepethepug on twitter.

  7. WOW Lady Bell!!! What a fun time you had!!! WE so wish we could have beens there!!! O.K. O.K. This will be funs... of course you are the only Black Puggie! (hee hee) Brother Dutch is the little spot dot doggie! Hmmmmm...Puglet is standing next to you ins the middle and Spence is on the end! kfksfksfknsk...ouch....dfjsjfjf...gimmy the 'puter..........

    HOLY CRAP!!! WHO IS THAT HOT PUGGA with the COOL FACE! Did ya get his phn no.??? (IZZY)...

    Sorry about that Bellatrix! Izzy grabbed the 'puter from me when she saws that puggie. He is rather handsome, but I have controls unlike my sister! I have Stubby. Stubby is more than enough for me.
    I'm glad you got to have a fishy cracker...I love them. Mommy has to put them in my food bowl to get me to eat my dinner. Daddy, however, doesn't fall for it.
    hee hee. Glad everyone had a great times!!!
    Love, Josie

  8. Bellatrix thats a good idea my mom works on Saturdays so she can never make pug playdays anymore

  9. Hi Bellatrix!
    It looks like you had a great time at Pug Saturday. We wanted to go but the car was still sick. We hope to go to the next one. Hope to see you sooner than later until then keep havin fun!

    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  10. What a great picture of us all!! I love our play days!!