Thursday, April 15, 2010

mellow yellow?

Everyday I follow mom and dad into this one room that I love...the bathroom. It's tons of fun in there. First off, it's where I get to take a bath, and where I get to freak mom and dad out when staring at them take their shower. Next, my green carpet is in there, yes we're stiff feuding and yes the carpet is winning because it has an ally in my mom and dad. We can't forget the towels in there, always fun to chew and shred. Then we have the holy grail of the bathroom. The one place I'm not allowed to go in...the toilet. Now mom and dad get to use it, why can't I? Do they get a treat when they go pee pee potty? I want to know all about this contraption. Is it a giant drinking bowl? I try to get in there to see what's up...but mom and dad just call me away. Ahh this is pure frustration. I think I might love this bowl, it smells like mom and dad and they seem to like to spend time on it (especially daddy), so why is this off limits to me? You would think mom would want me to jump in and take a bath, but nope. Does anyone else love the toilet? I know that one of these days, I'm jumping in! to the dog park now...I know I get to use the toilet there.


  1. Hi Bellatrix! I too love the bathroom. The toilet is the first place I visit when I sneak into the bathroom. Ahh, the smells of the toilet - yummy! It disgusts Mom that I love it so much but just like you, I wonder why Mom gets to use it and I don't. If I were a human I would probably live in the bathroom. Please send my Popeyes to the toilet!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Hey Bellatrix -
    Hee Hee...
    You looks cute!!! We are always trying to get in the bathrooms. The upstairs bathroom has a shower stall and Anakin just stands in it. Then when Mommy or Daddy want to take bath the tub in downstairs (old house) so Anakin and Izzy will follow them in there. I am a good Puggie and just chill on the couch. We all use to get baths in the Mommy and Daddy tub, but since it hurts their backs leaning over to bathe our lard butts, or I should say Izzy and Anakins lard butts(I am fit and trim)they wised up and started bathing us in the kichen sink! Anakin trys to licks the toilet too. Mommy always gets disturbed by this. He also eats toilet paper. Mommy always says to Daddy what if we had 3 Izzys??? or 3 Anakins...They would be in troubles for sure. But if they had 3 of me they would be blessed. hee hee hee hee.
    Glad your allergies are better. At first we all thoughts you were puking.
    Oh pee-s We have a theme songs for you...hee hee hee...Paralyzer, by Finger Eleven. Mommy heard it with Daddy in the car and she said who is this (Daddy is 5 years younger than Mommy). We alls agreed 'cuz of your eye trances this is perfect!!! Snorts.

  3. I knew we were a match made in heaven BT...I am fascinated by the toilet and I LOVE toilet paper. I through a stinkin' fit if mom doesn't give me a tiny piece of toilet paper. I gotta be a part of everything my humans do, ya know?! I just love water it may be the way the water swirls around in the toilet that gets my attention. Either way- it's my bathroom and I regulate what goes on in there. 'Nuff said. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

  4. One more thing...looks like your daddy left the toilet seat up!! I'd never do that to you BellaTrix :) :)

  5. Hiya Stubbs, I too love to take my food into the bathroom. By that I mean I have to eat out of a KONG, slows me down, and if mom goes into the bathroom wile I'm eating, I go too with my KONG>

  6. Hiya Gang! I've never heard that song, mom says we'll have to look it up on itunes. I asked if that had anything to do with my eyes..and she said "not everything has to do with pugs!" I almost cried! Doesn't she know better? I thought I had her better trained that this.
    I'm glad each of you guys have your own different personality. Mom says if we had 2 or 3 Bellatrix's she'd run away from home. Hmmm...

  7. Spencer!! Mom doesn't let me have any paper, I have to sneak it. One time dad was "watching" me, and I took the paper off the roll, out the room and down the hall. I think dad was happy mom was at work. hehehe

  8. I must be missing something. We have one of those things, but I've never had much interest. Ours doesn't do anything but sit there.

    Sometimes I jump up on my human's lap when she's sitting on it (she doesn't like when I do that) but creating a lap to jump on is about all our toilet is good for.