Monday, April 12, 2010

I've got you under my spell...

Mom says my eyes have super powers. She says that with just one look, I can make you give me a treat...or pet me....or give me a treat....or give up your lap...or give me a treat....or play fetch with me...or give me a treat. See powerful stuff. Mom says I don't have much wisdom behind these orbs, but that it's just plain cuteness. I'll have to agree, but really who wants smarts? Everyone knows it's all about the looks right? I know not really, but in the end it's all about food.
Dad says these eyes get me out of trouble every time I do something wrong. "Oh daddy, I didn't mean to steal your sock...I'm sorry" Orb Orb Orb. "Oh daddy, I'm sorry I followed you into the bathroom and watched you take a shower" Flutter Flutter Flutter. See what I mean, works every time.
Now don't go abusing this power. It can back fire on you...for instance...Someone was chewing on the area rug (ahem) and all I heard was "Bellatrix!" So now I bat my charming orbs, "who me?", but mom wasn't having it and she told me they wouldn't work! Now the eyes do have one giant enemy....Sunglasses. If your attempt to engage with someone wearing sunglasses? Just give up and walk away...ain't gonna happen my friends.
I hope this PSA helped anyone out there looking to get out of jail free, or procure a treat. I'm going back to wait for UPS...he's bring me a surprise...I'll blog about it tomorrow.


  1. Hee Hee...

    That's prolly why them movies stars wear sunglasses! They know they are NO match for a cute Bellatrix's eye orbs so they cover up their peepers. Deep down Hollywood knows the Puggies are going to achieve global domination and the orbs are exactly how!!!

    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  2. Ohhh global domination...eyes are round like globes. Us pugs are going to rule the pugverse!! phew...after all that I need a nap.

  3. Yep, those eyes do it to me every time BT. It's no wonder I get an extra swirl in my's my curl for my girl. Oooohhh, a UPS surprise?? Can't wait to hear about it. XOXO

  4. Heya Spencer B. I never use my full eyes on you, because we'd just eyeball each other all day instead of playing! I'm upset my brown box didn't come today...maybe tomorrow. Mom says there's lots of treats in there...enough to share.

  5. Just spellbinding Bellatrix.You, my friend, could get away with anything in my house.

  6. Oh have that power too! Harness it and use it only in pursuit of treats.