Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy Belly

I must's been a while since I blogged aboot my fun and adventures! It's been a busy week for me, Mommy and Daddy. Daddy is running around buying presents for Mommy's birthday! I know I used some of my treat money to help Daddy get Mommy a really cool present! Don't tell her, but I know what it is! Mommy has been busy, she went to a really late movie called "twilight." Daddy called it a teeny-bopper movie, Mommy called it lust, whatever that means. I know there wasn't any pugs in it.

Since Mommy has a few days off, we have a lot of stuff planned! I'm going to my favorite park, maybe a trip to see the big resevoir again, but I think it might be too hot, and my smooshy nose doesn't like the heat. Anyways, Spencer and Me might also get togo to a new store. Mommy calls it a "booteek." I think it's a fancy word for pet store. But that means treats for me and Spencer! I'll keep ya all updated!

Today, Mommy and Daddy took me to the doggie park, where I played with some of my doggie friends. Here's the thing...Daddy says I should try some daring adventures in the wilds, like Puglet does. Mommy freaked out...Something about bugs and wild animals and not being close to Disneyland? Sometimes I think my Mommy is weird. Bugs taste good, I'll protect everyone from the wilds, and what exactly is a Disney? And where is this Land?

Daddy has been bugging me with his new fotography hobby, and he has a lot of hobbies. Here's a pic he took of my orbs. He says it isn't the best pic, but it does convey the power of pug orbs. All of my Pug friends can print this page when your human isn't around, and then use it on your humans to get delicious treats, hugs and kisses:


  1. Oh, Bella-T you have the BEST orbs. Even when the stupid camera flash makes them look like vampire orbs, they are still very powerful. Seductive even.

    If it gets too hot for you on Sunday you (and Spencer!) should come to SF Pug Sun. It never gets too hot on our side of the bridge. We will be in the EBay on Saturday morning. Will you be going on any fun adventures that don't involve woodchips?

  2. Hello Busy B!!!

    We's up lates having a slumber pawtys!!

    Mommy and Daddy saw the movie yesterday...
    Mommy doesn't want to give too much away too yous bloggy viewers 'dat haven't seen it, but she can say 'dis - she LOVED IT'S!!!!

    Oh and you now whats Belly!! 'dere was a Puggie in 'da movie!! You know 'dat gift that Bella's Mom gave her!! 'dere was a Pug on one of 'da - (Mommy doesn't wanna give anything away...but Daddy pointed it out)
    At first you dont notice, but later ons yous do!!

    I's can keeps a secret secrets!! Whatcha got planned??? Huh?? Tell me!!!

    Yous Daddy snappy snapps yous photos!! Yous a pretty models for its!! Yous can be in puggie vogues for sure!!

    Ut oh's... Mommy coming downstairs for a drinks of waters...
    gotta goes.............

    bite bite bite,
    Josie & IzZulA

  3. Hey Miss B
    Love the orbs, they really work for getting treats. Can't wait for you to share your adventures. My mommy birthday is today, that means extra treats for me.

    Happy adventures to you....


  4. Hi Bellatrix! It sounds like you have quite the weekend planned. I'm still recovering from my bulging disc thingy and we had to cancel our big weekend bash. I'm on restricted exercise so no partying for me but you can bet I'll be eating.

    Your orbs are the best! I'd vote for you if there was an orb contest!

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Great photo of the ORBs! We're printing it right now...Moms in the kithchen it will come in handy. If you go to PugSun we have treats for everyone & they are very figure friendly (in case that's a concern). We can make it a belated birhtday party for Puglet & a happy birtday party for your Mom.
    Luvs, Zoey & Phoebe

  6. HA HA HA!!!! So yous Momma dids see 'da Pug in 'da blanket quilts square in 'da movie!!! She's got good orbs 'cuz Mommy didn't even notice at first...Daddy punched her in 'da arms at 'da theatre and Mommy was all like dude and 'den she's like Oh's yeah... 'dats a Pugga!! And Bella (hee hee...'dats our names...Bellatrex, IzZabella) was playing wits its treads ons its heads!!

    So Mommy loved 'da movie!! How 'bout yours!!!
    Did she see 'da trailer for Harry Potter too??
    'Bet she's excited!!


  7. Oh's....hold ups!!! BELLATRIX!! sorry I's put "E" instead of "I" hey 'dats stuff's importants!!
    I knows how to spells my friends name!!

    My apologizes!!