Monday, March 21, 2011

Couscous and Orbs

This past weekend I went to Couscous with my buddy Spencer to spend some time at the beach before my big surgery tomorrow. We had so much fun! The weather was mostly wet, but the little bit of clear skies we had, we spent out and about. We only spent one day on the beach because of the rain, so I made sure to drag him around and made him play with me tons!

While on the beach we found some drift wood and we both hopped on it! We did all that hard work of climbing on it and posing so cute, but get this... no treat! Totally sucked.

On the one really nice day we went to a small town called Crambria, where we walked on paths near the beach (boo they aren't dog friendly there), then went to seal point. Our moms totally went gaga over some stupid seals in the water...hello adorable pugs sitting right here! Anyways, we ran into this lady who had never seen a black pug before, and was rude to Spencer. I ignored her, no one is rude to my man.

This was me showing off my orbs for the last time before my big surgery tomorrow. Please send me as many postive vibes as you can. You know how much us pugs don't like the sleepy medicine, and I especially don't do well with it. On a plus note, I've lost a little weight, can you see how tiny my waist looks in this pic? I'm practically anorexic!
Mom says she'll try to post updates over the next few days, however she may not have time. If you want you can email her, she promises she'll respond. Thanks in advance for all your good juju vibes. Peace out for a little while-and may the Orb be with you!!!!


  1. Oh Bella! Extrasupergood juju for you on your big day!! You're gonna be fine and those powerful orbs of yours are gonna be even more powerful!!! I'll be thinkin' of you and I'll be checking back for updates often!!

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts. All the best of luck!

  3. We'll be thinking of you. Good luck.


  4. Oh Belly, just you wait! Your all-powerful orbs are going to be even MORE orbiful after all is said and done! We know you'll do just fine and will be thinking of you until we get an update.

    Your buddies,

    Klaus & Natty

  5. Bella you'll come back with SUPER POWER orbs. We're sending you good juju your way.

  6. Hi SKINNY Bellatrix! It looks like you and Spencer had so much fun! I like sand and drift wood, etc.
    I am PowerPawing a whole lot for you cuz you are my firstest and bestest bloggie furiend and I want NOTHING bad to happen to you.
    Love Noodles
    When you are better, let's have a playdate FOR REAL!

  7. Thanks everyone for your positive juju vibes. Bellatrix is at the specialist and was just a little mad at me for not feeding her after six last night. On the plus side, she weighed under 22 lbs! Skinny girl for sure. Will update later if I can. Thanks again for your concern

  8. Bellatrix! Oh dear, I am saying a little puggy prayer right now for you and your extra special, powerful orbs. Please have your momma come update us later, k??


  9. Good luck in your surgery Bellatrix. Hope your orbs heal real quick!
    - Reggie Pug

  10. Bellatrix you svelte sexy thing. I am sending you all sorts of good juju and love. I know you will be better than ever. Sunflower Sister Power.

  11. Bella,
    Sending juju and love, we know everything will be ok.
    Rambo and Miss Ellie

  12. Hi Bella!

    Sending very positive vibes your way! Looking forward to hearing how your recovering.


  13. We are sending good strong juju and we are here for anything and everything you and your parents might need during your recovery. We love you.
    Zoey, Phoebe and human

  14. Hola Bellisima!!
    We are sending, Juju Vibes, Love, Hugs and Bechos
    Spongy, Licky and La Mamma

  15. Belly we will be thinking of you ans your pertty orbs. We hope all goes well. We are sending lots of happy orb thoughts your way!!!

    Extra Hugs
    Sequoia and Tuni