Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Allergies vs. Bellatrix

I know a lot of us pugs get pretty bad allergies...some of us (poor Noodle) can't eat some things (gasp!) So I'm going to share some things that have helped me with my sniffles. First off Spring Tonic, just add a few drops in the am and pm to your food...this has helped me tons. There's lots of other ones that help with other problems, and it's all natural. You can find it on amazon.

Dad read online that an air purifier can help with pugs who get congested at night and snore. I guess I snore (mom says she doesn't think I do), but since dad got me this....I snore less.

Dad put it in the bedroom, right by my bed...well one of my beds

I know...right by my bed? What the heck??

If you are sensitive to the environment like grass, these wipes are great (they're also helpful after a rambunctious play session at the dog park too). After you're exposed to say your grass, just use them to wipe at your feet or tummy etc. We got a ton of free samples from Pet Food Express. They are very big, just cut them in half to have them last longer. Still think they're says use baby wipes.....or heck just use water.

Does all this work? Just look at my neck. It was kinda bald and I would scratch at it all the time. Now my coat is all grown in, shiny and smooth. Just add that coconut to the mix and mom says you can make a coat out of my fur.

Miss Lafayette Lola-mom gets the coconut at Whole Foods. You can get it in bulk bins or in a bag for about $3.00. It's just raw coconut flakes, large flakes. You can get smaller ones, but it won't help with breath as they need to be chewed.

Noodle-I sometimes lick at things too. Mom makes me stop and redirects my licking to a chewie. If that doesn't work, she makes me to some basic obedience as to occupy my mind. Also, what detergent does she use, it can be a "flavor" you like too much.

I hope this all helps you. Allergies suck! I used to take Claratin, but it dried out my orbs, which was a huge no-no. Maybe we can all share what works for us.


  1. Ooooooh... Our vet told us that pro-biotics are very good for allergies. Something about helping the gut form a protective barrier from the allergins. I dunno, but I use one called Equerry's Spunk. It's been great for me because it also has glucosamine in it which, surprisingly, is good for bladder issues! (I have bladder issues. TMI?) Anyhoo, there are lots of pro-biotics and different ones work better for different dogs, but I highly recommend them!!

    Thanks for all the suggestions, Bellatrix! I can't wait to get my coconut flakes!!

    P.S. Sorry about the Claritin. Can't have anything messin' with those orbs!!!

  2. hi b!
    oh this is a fabulous post!
    thank you for all the wonderful ways to help relieve doggie allergies!
    you are such a sweetie for taking the time to share them with us!

  3. Im glad your Allergies are improving Bellatrix and hopefully they will continue to improve.


  4. I went on a grain-free, non-poultry based food recently (Honest Kitchen Zeal) and it has helped clear my sinuses dramatically. Thanks for this post, Bellatrix! The wipes are such a good idea. There are tons of bad allergens in the grass where I live. And mom is so going to have to get me that coconut!

  5. Awwww, your mommy & daddy are always looking out for my bellybutts. I know how you get with the allergies...but you're still so shiny and beautiful!

  6. Hi Bellatrix! You poor baby...suffering from itchies like that!!!

    We agree with Spencer (he's my new BFF, in case you hadn't heard! HAHAHAHA) have the most BEEEEYOUTIFUL coat! Mom says it looks like "Sable" (whatever that is!).

    We hope your itchies are GONE soon or at least less itchy! Does the cooler weather help you?