Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brithday Bash....part 1

The day started off great! I woke mom up nice and early because I was excited (really I wake her early every morning). It was my big birthday bash!! Mom wants to warn you that there are lots of pictures....I started the day jumping in dad's man truck and threatening that I was going to drive myself!

First pug on my play buddy Spencer. We ran and played a lot!

NOODLES!! We've been virtual friends for over a year, but today was the first day I got to meet her. She's super tiny, and was a bit shy. In no time flat she was running around too.

I was bit tired, but after a small rest I had more energy to...BEG!!

See Noodle (more on him a second) has this super awesome Grandma...she brought a giant bad of homemade treats. They were so good that a certain birthday girl took a giant treat out of Dutch's mouth-mid chew. I'm not saying who....(pst it was super yummy)

Sorry Dutch!

This is Noodle. We met last Pugtacular and we became fast friends. He looks like a thinner version of me!!

Here's his new sister Mochi. We got to meet her for the first time, and now she's part of the family. Isn't she super pretty?? And so dang petite! She fit in right away and was doing her thing!! funny is this? Mom brought a cooler full of cold water for us. Daddy put it down and it became a target. Nice leg lift Noodles!

After the romp at the park...we headed to the restaurant. That's for tomorrows blog. Thanks again to all my friends who came to celebrate me coming through the birth canal 2 years ago....


  1. Whew, I can barely keep my eyes open Bellatrix..that was an awesome birthday bash! I was steadfast asleep once I got in the car & snored all the way home. I had such a great time running around with you. Mom & my grannies said they haven't seen me play that hard in a while. I loved meeting Noodles & her super sweet humans. I always love seeing Noodle & loved his new sister Mochi. Their grandmaw is the best with those homemade cookies- yum. Pst, she said I was a very sweet mannered pug. Mom kept beaming over my compliment all afternoon. Then I came home and stunk up the house with my belly full of french fries. Yum...
    I had a blast with Pug, Dutch, & Frank. I overheard my Gmaw say she wanted to take Frank home..which would be ok since he was a pretty awesome dude.
    Phoebe & Zoe are my super buds..we hung out under the table and scored some french fries together. We always have good times.
    It was truly an awesome day. I am so tired I was twitching and barking while I napped earlier. Thank you so much for the swag in the goodie bag...I took my snoozle over to gmaw and freaked her out with the that thing. Te'hehe! Thank you & your humans again for a wonderful day! We love you Bellys, happy birthday to the girl who puts the curl in my tail.

  2. OMP, Bellatrix, this was the best day EVER!! Thank you so much for bein' born and for inviting us to celebrate with YOU!!! I've been dyin' to see you, Spencer, Pug, and Dutch since Pugtacular!! It's been even longer (ages!) since I'd visited with Phoebe and Zoey!!! AND, what a treat to meet Noodles (great name, heehee) and Frank!!! I was so excited I stood up for almost the entire car ride home. Mochi was crashed--as were pawpa and grandmaw. Mom and Mochi and I took nice long naps when we got home. I just had my weekend bath and I'm enjoying the yak stick from my goodie bag. Yummy!! (Haven't had one of these since little sister joined us.) Please give your humans a big warm pug hug from all of us at Casa de Noodle for being so generous and throwin' an awesome party for one of our favorite pug buddies!!!

  3. Wow, Bellatrix! You certainly know how to through a party!! There is no doubt that every pug and every human there had a blast! I'm going to start asking my parents right now if I can make it to your party next year for birthday #3!

  4. We had the bestest time ever! We been asleep ever since we left. Were old girls who forgot what its like to party like a 2 year old. It was so great to see our friends and make new ones. We are so lucky to have shared your special day. Thank you and your wonderful "rents." What?! There were goodie bags. Okay, gotta go we have to make up for lost goodie time.

    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  5. Bellatrix,
    I had the BESTEST time at your PAWty yesterday. It was so fun to finally meet your boyfriend Spencer and his wonderful Mom and Gran'rents!!! Noodle, my alterego, it was a gas to meet you as well and your sissy Mochi and your Mom,Dad and Grams!!!! Her treats were SPECTACULARLY YUMMY!!!!! Zoey and Phoebe and Mom you are da bomb! I think you fit in well with us lunatic youngsters and Phoebe-girl, you sure made that little boy run a lot when you swiped his dog's squeaky toy. Puglet & Dutch, a real pleasure to meet you two as well although you TOTALLY intimidated me there for a while. Puglet, can you say gregarious? But in a good way! And Mr. Dutch, watch it with the begging for chin chuckles from MY MOMMY!!!! Frank, dude, I feel I have known you forever although we totally know that is not true.
    Bellatrix, what can I say. I think we definitely connected in a friend way and someday I might even play. I am a little red-faced that your daddy caught me in the act of, UM, claiming the COOLER for my own . . . and in such an UNLADYLIKE fashion!!! OMP, will I ever live that down?
    Mommy wanted to to say THANKS SO MUCH and to let you know not only did I snore all the way home, but I also crashed at nighty-night without my usual Lickey Lou routine. Of that she is eternally grateful.
    Love you all and cannot wait for the next big meet up.
    Love Noodles
    PS, and a word to our PAWty crasher Cleo the puggle - you made me giggle with your barky howly thing you did when the OBA CHA treats came out.

  6. What an amazing birthday! And meeting your blog friends in person is awesome-we met Minnie Moo & Lincoln of over the weekend and we were fast friends :)

    Can't wait to hear about the rest of your special day xoxo