Monday, August 8, 2011

No pictures, please

Nothing says happy-pug-bliss like taking your afternoon nap. Especially if this delicious nap involves a Hedgie and a monkey bed. My afternoon nap is sacred. I had a long morning of eating, pooing, snorting, and maybe a little playing. Before I know it, it's THAT time, and THAT time is sleepy bliss.

Well, my silly hooman of a Daddy thought it would be a good idea to take a secret picture of yours truly while I napped. I'm not sure when that above picture was taken, but I do know that it was not with my permission. I was not lookin my pug-best. Notice my jowl is exposed, my ear is a bit floppy, and my eyeball is propped open a bit (don't worry, no more orb problems since the big fix!). I can't be a world famous blogging pug and look so disheveled. Daddy said it was a cute picture, but I snorted and pouted...I didn't like it...

Well, the other day, I was relaxing on the floor while Daddy was watching his boring hooman TV, and I saw it....Daddy's sooper camera! Not the little fancy black one. The sooper camera is BIG and makes all sorts of noises, and comes with an unofficial pug tug toy my Daddy calls a "neck strap." But I wasn't having any of this nappy-nap picture nonsense!!

I CAN'T WIN!! Not only did that picture get taken, Daddy is putting it in this blog. So, I gave in (and a few chicken little treats didn't hurt, either), and accepted my fate...

So, what's a pug to do....NAP!!!!!!

On a serious note, though, my Mommy and Daddy have been a little concerned. Seems that I've been napping a lot, and being a bit lazy these last few weeks. I eat and do the normal dog stuff, and play at the dogpark, but I think I'm growin up, and slowing down a bit, and they miss sooper hyper Belly. When did you start slowing down, and become more of an adult-pug?


  1. I think right around the 2-year mark is when Klausie became a "big boy." He definitely still has his puppy moments though-even at almost 5! :)

  2. Hi Bellatrix,
    Mommy says I am MORE hyper and naughty (MOI???) not that I am two so I have no good answer for you. You look healthy - coat shiny and full. You know 'rents - they worry so.
    Love Noodles

  3. look so stinkin cute napping. I could plant my sassy curl right next to you and snuggle with you. I sure do miss you and can't wait till I can see you again. Our moms have some fun adventures planned so I do believe that warrants some pug fun planning! On a serious note- I sure hope all your napping is due to the weird weather changes or growing up. I've always been a very calm pug for the most part but I know you are super frisky sassy so let's keep an eye on you!

  4. hi b!
    oh my gosh!
    you are so cute!
    i love all of your photos!
    naps are good ~ especially during the summer when it is too hot to play outside in the middle of the day.

  5. mum notices me slowing down too. I guess it is age. I could also say the same of Mum. She has slowed down in the last tens years too!


  6. Bella,

    I ain't ever growing up! You need to play around with me. I can wake you back up :)

    You're adorable.


    Minnie Moo

  7. I love the pics of you napping. They show the real Bellatrix that only your peeps get to see.

    I still go full force 24/7 and I'm 5ish. Maybe I'll slow down one day once I get fully settled in here but for now I sleep, play, eat, poop, repeat all day long. Momma said that Stubby started to slow down when he was 3.