Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Acts of Yumminess!!

We're all pugs here...well for the most I'm going to share some pics of me doing what I do best....chewing on a bone.

Just watch how I deal with a big bone. I grasp the bone with my mouth and s t r e t c h my lips over the opening...smoosh my face in the hole.

My tongue is all up in there...nom nom. Marrow yumminess

Look into my satisfaction. Sweet bone bliss

Oh yeah....beefy porn for pugs more for you. This is a private moment between me and my bone. Go and get your own! Go on now....orb your 'rents into getting you one. Leave me to my tasty marrow, and beefy tendons. Don't be jealous!


  1. OMG hilarious!!! You look like you have walrus lippies!!!!!

  2. I thought Pug had the market on walrus lips! hehe

  3. Oh Bellatrix, that looks amazing!! I absolutely MUST orb the momma into getting me one of those!!!



  4. Beefy porn for Pugs!!! LOL!!

    Bow chicka wow wow're going to TOWN on that errrr...bone!

    Mom hasn't given me one in a while....I think I'll tell her it's TIME!!!! She usually gives them to me at my brother's football games while I'm mascotting, but they haven't had a game yet this season!


  5. I love bones. They are the bestest! You go girl!


    Minnie Moo

  6. Bah hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Ah, oh, hehe, ahem, trying to compose myself here, wait....hehe, hehe, hehehehehehehehehe, OK, OK I'm good....hmhmhmhmhm, oh good grief, I've gotta get a grip! Oh Bella, this is the best. Your lips, wrapped around that bone......too funny. I keep making Mom biggify it, just so I can look at it. Then I notice the bone and go even crazier. I must have one. The heck with that brother and sister of mine. I will get my own big a** bone, just like yours!

  7. I'm not sure I can stop staring...I can't have bones cause of my weak teeth so I have to live vicariously through you Bella...

  8. Nice form Bella!! We went to a store the other day and saw Snoozles. Totally thought of you. Mom wouldn't get us one..Boo.


  9. I'm speechless! I had no idea that bones that size even existed. I have been living under a rock for sure. I will beg and plead with Momma to get me one.


  10. I would love to have those bones but seriously my Mom has this ridiculous cone on my head. Something about not licking my incision...really!! I've got to straighten things out...gotta go!

  11. hi b!
    oh yummy!
    i cannot help it!
    i am jealous!
    tee hee!
    archie barchie