Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mail....for me???

I can home from daycare today and this is what I saw waiting for me....for me?? Our really cool mailman told my daddy that I must be a very special pug to be getting mail. Hehe, he has no idea just how special I really am!

Hey mom....what is it?? Bring it over here to me.

Hey! It's a card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a pug on it. Poor thing has to be dressed up (snicker) Wait a minute, who sent me a card??

Hey it's my Grandma!!! Silly Grandma sent me a birthday card. She told my mom she's had this card for a very long time, just waiting for me to turn 2. I am super excited because I get to spend time with her on Saturday (the day of my actual birthday). Expect some kisses Grandma.
I know many of you have Grandma's and Grandpa's. Do they spoil you on your birthday?


  1. Your grandma is really, really cool, to send you that card. That and she obviously loves you a lot.

    Happy Birthday early

    Roxy & Lucky

  2. I love my Gammy and Gampy almost as much as my mom and dad. They totally spoil, I mean pamper, me as a pug should be...lots of extra treats and toys. I always make sure to spend my birthday with them!

  3. Awww how sweet!!! The countdown begins to your big 2 year bday!

  4. Teehee... awesome card!

    MY grandmaw spoils me EVERY chance she gets! :)

  5. Awwwwwwwww!!!!! What a super sweet gmaw you have bellybutts!! My mom says she met her once and said she is so sweet and would love to see her again :))))

  6. I really haven't spent much time with Grandma and Grandpa yet. But when I did see them, Grandpa was very impressed with how well I behaved. Of course, he also thought it was funny/cute that I cry when momma leaves. That was a new one for him!!

    Hope you have a great day with Grandma!!



  7. What a great grammy you have. And a very cute card.
    My Meme spoils all of us rotten. She comes to stay for a few months every year (to escape the snow), and she's home all day just spoiling us rotten. She loves to cook, so we get lots of yummy food while she's here too.

  8. You sure are lucky. We have a Grandpa and Grandma but they don't like us or any dog much. But that's ok our mommies loves us and spoils us.

  9. Hi Bellatrix
    Nice card. How nice of your grandma to send it to you.
    I don't have any grandPAWrents but I have lotsa aunties (and a coupla uncles). They are all good for extra cuddles and treats. Oh and Barkdays!!! Lemme tell you how SPOILED I am!!!
    Love Noodles