Monday, August 22, 2011

Winner Winner...chicken dinner!!

In keeping with my birthday week, dad brought me home a scrumptious golden chicken. Sure mom and dad think that it's suppose to be their dinner...but I know better

Hey MOM!!! Slap me up with some golden chicken!!!

Oh sweet baby jesus....nom nom nom

Hey's me again. How 'bout you give me more of that golden chicken?? See me sitting all cute right here? HELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!

Dad?? See me right here? Remember me? Your pug...birthday coming up??

SUCKA!! Ha Ha. It's wicked delicious and it's all mine. Such yummy chicken all for me as a birthday treat. Oh yeah, I'm so gonna soak this birthday schtick for as long as I can.


  1. Psst. Dutch says you should remind your people how svelte you are (or at least look?) these days. Being svelte always scores Dutch massive treatage.

  2. Hola Bella!!!
    Hey it is your Birthday Month!! Every day you need to celebrate!!!!
    Happy Birthday Month!!!
    Spongy & Licky

  3. We agree with Spongy and Licky....birthday MONTH!

    Remind mom and dad that all that protein in the Golden Chicken helps to keep your pretty coat so shiny! There's no WAY they can argue with that!

    We have Golden Chicken probably once a WEEK here at TheLazyK (mom turns it into other stuff and I always get samples to make sure it's ok!). I dream of seeing the whole RACK of them in the store like Puglet described when he got to go to the foodables store in a BAG! (hahahaa)


  4. Ah, the allusive Golden Chicken...I use to partake in it's glory, but then I was put on a non-poultry based grain free diet and that was the end of the love story. So, Bella, take another bite for me, ok? I'm stuck with fruits and veggies and fish.

  5. Bellatrix,
    I NEVER.
    I really mean that too.
    I NEVER get golden chicken. I get boiled for hours chicken and lately COSTCO grilled chicken.
    Does it taste the same?
    I am salivating over here.
    Love Noodles

  6. That's awesome! Golden Chicken! Glorious! My granpaw grills me chicken sometimes. I'm telling mom she should feed me golden chicken in honor of your birthday...