Sunday, August 28, 2011

BIRTHDAY PREP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big countdown to my 2nd. Birthday Party has begun!! What's a Pug to do? Nap? Eat? Play? Well I've done all that, as it's my Birthday!! Mommy and Daddy said I have to get extra-special cleaned up, in order to make a good puggy-impression. It was bathtime!

Mmm...precious bath water hitting my tongue...

Mommy! Don't spray my precious orbs! They're Birthday Orbs!!

Not my favorite part, and I pouted when Daddy took this picture. The soap suds aren't fun like the waters. But I tolerate it, because one of my favorite games is coming up...

The Towel Game!! The lights go out, crazy-pug comes in, and it's all pug-towel playin' fun!!

Where's The Belly?! I'm in there, somewhere...Dreamin of birthday party bliss!

Before I go, just a pic from my official pug-photo-journalist (Daddy). Mommy and Daddy finished up goodie bags for all my doggie friends...BIG Sooprises, and no hoomans allowed! SNORTS!


  1. Have a super birthday Bellatrix! :D


    p.s. We was watching Harry Potter last night and we totally thought of you!

  2. oh how exciting B!
    you look marvelous!
    happy happy birthday!!!!

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BELLATRIX!!! I have to agree with you that the best (and by that I mean only good) part about baths is getting dried off with towels. Have a great time at your party!!
    PS. How weird...we watched a Harry Potter movie last night too! Must have been in your honor!

  4. Hola Bella!!
    Happy Happy Birthday Bellatrix!!! Hope your day is filled with McCheesy burgers, Pupcakes and a lot es presents!!!! Have a great Party!!!
    Hugs and bechos
    spongy & Licky