Monday, August 15, 2011

Daddy's helper

Oh Daddy..what a mess! Looks like a bunch o' pugs got into the hamper! I had a great day with Spencer, then came home and Mommy and Daddy took me to my favorite store: Dog Bone Alley! After such adventure and excitement, I was in sleepy pug bliss...Until I saw that pile of homan clothes...and one of my favorite things...SOCKS! and more SOCKS!

Sure, Daddy, I will help you and Mommy put those SOCKS away! HE..he..he..snort..he..hee! One of the eternal Belly rules: Don't leave yer socks out! So, I tricked them, and got a roll of delicious socks!

Until I was busted! Seems Daddy doesn't like his socks with a lil bit 'o Belly jowl juice!! (If you look closely at my right orb, you can still see a little bit of the pigmentation. It seems to be slowly shrinking)!

So, in the end, I wasn't allowed to help with the laundry.

...But Daddy gave in, and let me play with an orphan sock. He couldn't tell me where the other one went, muttering something about a machine eating it...I know I didn't eat it!


  1. Miss Scarlet likes her Daddy's sox too, but only after he wears them! Yuck! She finds them delightful.

    Glad your orbs are getting better!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  2. I love being laundry assistant. You can tell your parents to be glad you have an affinity for socks and not other unmentionables! Your eyes are looking good Belly, so happy for you!

  3. Those orbs of yours in the last picture would get me every time, so they are definitely getting back to 100% power! I'm so glad!
    My favorite thing about laundry is the big piles of warm clothes out of the dryer...that is such a comfy spot to take a nap.

  4. Belly I love socks too! I try to help with the dirty ones all the time! You are a great laundry assistant.


  5. Your peeps should be thanking you for helping. I don't lift a finger around here and Momma is always calling me lazy. I wonder if one day I decide to help will I get yelled at.

    I've never had a sock before but I bet I would like them. Momma rarely wears them and Daddy's are always stinky by the time I find them - yuk! I'm off to hunt down some clean ones right now!


  6. Hey Belly! It's no wonder we are a couple... I LOVE socks! I rip them off my human's feet. Remember when I tried to take socks off your mom's feet but I only tried once! I love when my mom takes warm laundry out of the dryer.. I curl up in the laundry and nap!