Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the green rug

There is this green rug in the bathroom. This rug is my mortal enemy. I must at all costs destroy this rug. Why you ask...I know not. All I know is that this rug lives in the bathroom, it's fuzzy, green and is the bane of my existence. I try to sneak into the bathroom when I think mommy and daddy aren't paying attention to me, but they are on to my tricks. I even decided to rip out all the little strings, but after just a couple I was caught! I tried to deny, act like I was just taking a nap on it...but the green string dangling out of my underbite gave me away. So the battle is on...round one went to the rug. That's ok, it thinks it's safe, but I know better.


  1. Bellatrix, I am rooting for you! I know how it feels to be mocked and taunted by the rug, towels, I must inspect any and all new towels that enter my house and, if I disagree with it's intentions, I rip it apart. I rip blankets apart too. I'm glad it's the rug you have issues with & not mommy & daddy's new couch :)

  2. Hiya Spencer,
    The only issue I have with the sofa is not getting comfortable enough to nap properly. The sofa is my friend, and the best place to sit back and watch TV. Do you get to hang out on the sofa? If you came over here I would share my sofa with you.

  3. Oh yes, the house is my kingdom to rule. I like to climb high on the back of the couch, like a billy goat, and watch TV. However, I like to nap on my grandpahuman when he falls asleep in the comfy chair. We snore together. I'd love to share a sofa with you Bellatrix and we could snore together!! How fun would that be!