Sunday, February 28, 2010

home improvements

So today was lazy Sunday. I just hung around on the sofa until noon with daddy. I think he watches boring shows on TV, so the only thing left to do is nap! Ugh dad seriously shows about WWII? Mom watches Maury and American Idol, while you watch Mythbusters. So when dad finally stopped watching snoreTV, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. While out and about I soon realized that all the tall grass in our neighbors yard was gone. I was super sad, I love to run through yard after yard of greenery. When I looked up to daddy and projected my sad little pug eyes at him, I noticed he was pointing to one lawn with nice tall grass...OURS! So as I was frolicking through a sea of green, I noticed daddy shaking his head. It wasn't his usual "Oh Belly what have you done now" head shake, but one of reflection. I had no idea what was up.
After mom got home from work a few hours later, we were off in her car. I thought woo hoo dog park, but instead we pull up to a big store called Lowes. Dad was walking around looking at some funny things on little forklifts from mommy's work. After talking with mommy, daddy grabs this big box and I got to ride on it. As we drive this box through the store, everyone stopped to pet and love me...I really like this Lowes place.
So after the box got in the car, and we get home I start to wonder what is in this box? All I know is that daddy said I better run through the tall grass as much as I can, because in a few days it'll all be gone! Ugh...maybe Lowes isn't so great anymore.


  1. Hrrm - why are they getting rid of your grass? You're so lucky to have grass, we have rocks in my yard (have to go to the park for grass).

    I've never been to Lowes, but Google says it's like Home Depot and I LOVE going to The Depot. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday (except for the grass removal part).

  2. and mom don't like our Home Depot. It's always dirty and in shambles, but the Lowe's is new and very clean. I don't want to loose our grass, and dad promised I'll still be able to run around on it. I love rocks too, they are yummy and fun to chew on.

  3. Hi Bellatrix...I know how much you love to run through the grass and what a great time of the year to make the most of it! You look mighty cool atop the mystery box...Hope we can run through the grass together soon!

  4. crossing paws we can hang out on Saturday Spencer. It would be so fun to party with some south bay pugs. It will be wild times and lots of snorting.