Thursday, February 18, 2010

pure genius...hahaha

So mommy decided I need to undergo more training. I thought I knew everything already, but apparently there is so much more to learn. So now I go to "real" doggie class where I don't even get to play with the other dogs and like I have to stay on leash and listen. The worst thing is...mommy and daddy don't give me a ton of treats like they used to. I might protest this part, I mean I'm a growing pug, I'm only 16.2 lbs, my belly can get much bigger. Mommy is concerned though, she says daddy calls me a "tube" and that I must keep my waistline. UGH... I just want to sit and get a treat...but nooooo, now I have to like stay sitting for like seconds and wait and wait, then wait some more. You'd think then finally I'd get a little something? Nope. All that hard work for a pet? So I'm going to start working on my "PugEyes". You know what I'm talking about. I'll have my mommy and daddy giving into my sad orbs in no time. Victory will be mine.


  1. brilliant! Thats what I do! I disocvered my mommy almost always makes me lay down for a treat when I get them so I automatically do it when she pulls out the cookie bag. You should try it. I think mama might be on to me though

    Pug love and rockets,

  2. Hiya Oliver,
    I like to act like I don't know how to go down, even though I totally do, then they "lure" me down with a treat. I sit all the time just waiting for a treat, but nothing. Those parents are just horing the treats for themselves. Operation Treat Command is in effect.

  3. I do the same thing- I act as if I don't know what they are telling me to do until they bait me with a treat. I get lots of treats that way but my humans are saying I need to cut back on the "bait"...I have a check-up today and my mom is nervous that the doctor is going to be mad at her about my "tubeness"....maybe that's why my nickname is HAM. Oh well, I just curl my curly curl and the world is a brighter place my mom says

  4. Maybe you can talk your people into feeding you Pirate's Booty as a treat? It's a people food and all natural too.

    Even though it tastes yummy, P.B. is full of air and I guess air doesn't make you tubey.