Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the verdict is in...I'm a girl (sorta)

So today was the big day and I got "fixed". I didn't know why mommy didn't feed me any breakfast or give me a morning treat. I was starving! I'm a growing pug doesn't she know I must consume food at all times? So then I got really happy because we got in the car and I love trips in the car. When we pull up to the pug doctor, I'm like woo hoo I love it here (I really do my doctor is the best he gives me kisses!) Then some things go in places they should never go and he's like...ok we're ready to find out what she is. Then he takes me in the back and mommy leaves, but that's ok because in the back I get lots of love from the girls. After a little while they take me and make me fall asleep...that's ok I'm a pug I love to nap. Next thing I know I wake up and I have 5 fewer teeth and some stitches down there! Hello? Down there?!? Really???
I dont' really remember much I was kinda high..hehe but the girls up front took me for walks and gave me lots of love until mommy and daddy came to get me. I was still sleepy, and mommy was all happy to see me, and daddy even let me sit on his lap on the ride home. I love laps, they're like my favorite!!
So I'm sure you want to know am I a girl or a boy...well I'm both. I'm a true hermaphrodite according to the pug doctor. I have both girl and boy parts inside and out. Mommy was happy I get to keep my girlie name and doctor was happy he got to solve this puzzle. I'm just happy that I can't get sick inside anymore. Right now I'm still loopey and am going back to sleep. Thanks for all positive pug thoughts, they helped me. Will post more tomorrow when I'm not so high..hehe


  1. Woo hoo! Now you can look forward to a loooooooooooong life of pug hugs and butt sniffing.

    I was back to myself really quickly after being woozy wozie. There's not much that can keep a pug from food is there?

  2. I forgot to tell you...they pulled 4 of my teeth while I was sleeping. What is up with that? My dog brothers didn't lose their teeth when they got "fixed". I guess its a pug thing.