Monday, February 22, 2010

What's in a name?

As I meet new people in my many adventures one question always comes up..."What's his (ahhh pink collar people I'm a she-kinda) name?" My mommy always proudly pipes up "Bellatrix". To which people generally give her a confused stare and then go on to botch my name terribly. Mommy has to then explain I'm named after a Harry Potter character, then comes the..."isn't she like a bad person?" Mom just shakes her head and encourages people to read the books. So this begs the question...what is in a name?
Now mommy and daddy have many pet names for me. Belly Button, Puppy Pupperson, Pumpkin butt (I used to eat pumpkin), No!, PugStar, you name it I've been called it. So then if my name is Bellatrix, how come I answer to any of the above? Because I love the attention, plus it usually means I get some quality time with them.
So we're back to the origin of my name...why that name? Well mom says that Bellatrix was the most loyal of all characters in the book. Her devotion never faded with time and she fought by Lord Voldermorts side, always willing to defend even if it meant with her life. So mommy said those are some pretty fantastic qualities, and she knew that would describe me. So that makes me have this question...what's the origin of your name? Does the name define you, or do act this way because of the name? I'd love to hear your answers.


  1. Thanks for filling us in on where your name came from. I thought it was some Italian contraption. "Good Ticks" or something.

    Even though my whole name is Puglet, most of the time it's just 'Pug' (apparently I've outgrown the '-let' part). Before I got recycled name was Tanker. My current human didn't think that fit so she just called me what I was. Puglet - a little pug. It just kinda stuck.

    Some people laugh when they hear I'm a pug named Pug. Other people think it's cool. No matter what people think - everywhere I go, everyone knows my name.

    So yeah - name totally defines me.

    PS> Dutch came with his name. It's because he was born in a place called The Netherlands. No idea how that works.

  2. Hey Puglet I love your name and brother Dutch too. It's very manly and mature. Mommy and Daddy think it's really cool that you guys were recycled. Mommy says it's irony because she manages and recycling center and I often go to work with her. I'll let you know if anyone tries to bring in a pug...probably not.

  3. Hey buds-
    I love your new pink collar Bellatrix. It's very pretty- just like your very cool name. It's super cool how your mommy came up with it!

    I think Puglet has a rockin' name too- everyone knows him! It's true! Dutch- what a manly name, very cool.

    My mom named me Spencer Bartholomew because she said a regal and studious pug deserved a noble name. Whatever. They call me HamBone too. My last birthday cake read "Happy Birthday Hammers". So, anything with Ham. Oh yea, my mom also calls me "the love of her life"....I have a lot of's easy to act like I don't understand when I have my own agenda! Such a regal and studious pug, aren't I? :)

  4. Spencer you're like super regal especially when you perch yourself on top of the picnic table at the park. I had so much fun defending the park with you on Saturday. We should do so again real soon.

  5. Well Bllatrix, I personally think that us puggies are supper duper loyal and loving to our parents. Your name will live up to you and who you aim to be! I gots my name from the fact that puggers are called Dutch Bulldogs in Holland and also Pugs are reffered to as Dutch mommy likes all of those things and decided on Dutch.

  6. wow Dutch that's a super cool reason for your name! I never knew any of that, and I love to learn new facts. I am soooo gonna share that with my mom and dad. It's totally awesome that you and Puglet's brother share the same name....but for different reasons because he's not a pug. I think he's a pug-lite though.

  7. Hi Bellatrix. I get caled Wozie Wozie, puggy, little turd, crazy pug...

    Seriously though, I'm Rosie because my humans had a dog Daisy that went to sleep because of something called cancer.

    They loved her very much and when I came along it seemed like a fitting tribute.

  8. Rosie I like your name, it makes me feel happy to say it. Wozie is kind funny, like a name of a muppet. Are you gonna be at pug saturday? My mommy and daddy are going to go and they can't wait to meet all the San Jose pugs.