Monday, February 15, 2010

is spring in the air?

So today I had to go to work with mommy, which was ok because I was really tired from my fun filled weekend. I was happy to just kinda be lazy and relax in my crate and listen to the music. It was so foggy and cold this morning, so I didn't mind the warm office and the extra treat she gave me. Mid morning I awoke from my beauty sleep to beautiful sunshine. Now you know how us pugs just love the sun, so I got to lazy about and soak up all that vitamin B. I was a toasty pug and I was soooo happy. Around lunch mommy thought a trip to the dog park was in order. I was happy to comply. When we arrived there were a few dogs in there, and that made me happy. I tried to make friends, but this little chichi dog kept jumping on my back and banging his....errr body against my back end. Now mommy kept telling him "no humping", was that his name? Mommy laughed and said he was trying to be dominant over me and I really didnt' like it because he wouldn't stop. I wonder if he knew I'm special at that end and that I don't like it when someone tries to hump me. After we left, I got to thinking. It's sunny out, the grass is green and the boys are getting spring in the air? I think it might be. I got home today and it was still kinda sunny out and I got to play with the leaves in the backyard. I love spring time....

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  1. Hi BellaTrix, I love spring time too! I go on lots of hikes when the sun is out. I like jumping through the tall grass and peeing on everything too. My grandhuman lets me do mans work with him in the backyard when the sun is out and I get to help dig holes and pick up rocks. But my curl really gets curled at the thought of going to the dog park more. I can't wait for our next play date BellaTrix!