Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what's in a number anyways?

So mommy took me to work today...even though it rained! Not much fun for me, but I was pretty sleepy because yesterday I chased a corgi all over daycare. So part of the work experience is getting on the scale. As a wee pug I would happily bounce up there and mom would squeal in delight at how big her "little belly button" was getting. So today I happily bounce up to the scale and sit like I should and look up in anticipation of her squeal of delight, but instead I get a little groan. What's that? Why the groan? Is the scale broken? Did I sit wrong? She looks down into my worried orbs and grumbles "oh puggers....I think daddy is right." Now I know those are words rarely uttered in our household, so I start to get worried. What did the scale say? Please...is it time to call Jenny (I know the number 867-5309)? Mom what's the verdict?
17.15 lbs of pugtub. Is that all I ask? That's not sooo bad is it? I mean I'm just about to turn 6 months. Isn't this just muscle mass? I mean everyone knows muscle weighs more than fat right? I'm a growing pug....this is just baby fat...look quick I'm still cute...PANIC!!
After mom gave me lots of hugs and kisses, she explained that some cutting back on treats is in order, more veggies (go team carrots) and more exercise. She also said for me not to panic and that yes I'm still a growing pug...a growing up not a growing wide. So panic attack has been averted, and I guess this means less treats for me and more getting out for walks with my dad.
I still vote to just throw away the scale.


  1. Hey Bellatrix! Everyone in my house is making a big deal about my scale too. I don't get as many t-r-e-a-t-s anymore. I explain that I am 26.5 lbs because I am a tall pug. My humans aren't buying it. I think you look great though. You are so shiny and so fast! Maybe we can exercise together on our play dates; all that running sure makes me feel lighter!

  2. Hiya Spencer, I think you look fantastic! I mean you totally run around lots, that burns like 1000 calories easy. Gosh don't our parents know that pugs are "stocky", so they must have their BMI's wrong. Last time I looked, no one mistaked me for a whippet. I think I might have to destroy this scale.

  3. Hey Bella-T ~

    If it makes you feel any better, I weighed like 19lbs when I was your age nowadays most people tell me I'm not tubey at all.

    I made a deal with my human that if the scale at PetSmart says less than 25lbs, I'm allowed to get something new to eat or chew on. It's great motivation!

    Today PetSmart said I weigh 23.7lbs so I'm about to go enjoy a Sweet Potato wrapped rawhide. Woo hoo!

  4. ooooo that sounds like something I can do. I promised I'll eat more veggies, and mom says she's going to try the Pirate's Booty for me. Dad says my head is too small, so it makes my body look bigger.
    I think you look great Puglet. When we finally meet we'll have to compare bellies.