Friday, February 5, 2010

The Big Yellow Dog

Today was a very special day! I had the whole day with my Daddy. I decided to start it really early, and woke him up. We played with my toys and my favorite ball. After a brief nap, I was so happy when Daddy grabbed the leash and we headed to the door. I love going for a walk, with all the smells, the nibbles I sneak, and we sometimes meet new friends.

On our walk, we saw a human and a big yellow dog. I wasn't sure what was happening, but the human was yelling and screaming and saying words that my Daddy said I shouldn't hear. The human was pulling and tugging on the big yellow dog's leash and using those bad words. We stopped and watched, and I could tell something was wrong, as the big yellow dog's tail was between his legs and he seemed really sad and afraid and didn't want to be dragged by the human. It made me sad. We were both quiet on the way home, and Daddy explained to me that the big yellow dog shouldn't be treated like that. I remember when I didn't like the leash or going on walks. But Mommy and Daddy helped me. I wish they could help the big yellow dog. I want to be his friend and make him happy.

I was sitting in my spot in the sun being mopy, when Daddy came to me and said that we, one day, may go and find the big yellow dog. I hope so. At least I can think happy thoughts about him.

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