Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

So today I turned 6 months old! Mommy even bought me this cute princess birthday hat, but I wouldn't put it on, I just wanted to eat it. I was thinking back on the last few months of my life and was so happy I came to live with my mommy and daddy. I remember when I was first picked up at the airport, so tiny, and ready to get to know everyone. I've grown up a lot these last few months, but I still love to meet people. I am no longer a little puppy, but an official teenager. Mom says I try to get away with too much, but I figure as long as I don't steal the keys to the car, it's all good. So I look forward to many more years of playing and eating...mostly eating. I have a fun week coming up and mom says next Saturday we're gonna meet a whole lot of pugs. I'm off to go get some birthday treats.


  1. Ooooo no - not The Hat. I can't believe you escaped wearing it! I mean, you don't exactly look thrilled lying there next to it, but trust me - it's so much worse having one of those things strapped to your head:

    Next Saturday you're going to meet lots of pugs? Do you mean next SUNday? Are you coming to SF for PugSun????

    Paws crossed.

  2. nooo...mommy works on Sundays..bummer I know. I'm going to Pug Saturday in San Jose. It's a bit of a drive for my mom, but she says she'll do just about anything for me. I am trying to get her to a pug Sunday in they do it on Easter because she's off then? Working on Sundays kinda sucks...and I usually have to go with her.

  3. Happy 6 months Bellatrix! Birthdays are fun...lots of food and treats. We have a tradition in my family where grandpahuman makes homemade pizza and we open lots of wine and celebrate someone's special day. My special day is October 6th- I got a special dog-cake and lots of presents. We ate pizza and the humans drank lots of wine.
    We are going to try to make the San Jose pug meet next Saturday. Puglet- we'll definitely see you & Dutch next Sunday for SF PugSun. Can't wait. Ok, we're off to Napa now with FP! See you all soon!

  4. Hiya Spencer,
    Oooh I hope you had fun in Napa. Mommy takes me to work with her sometimes and it's right next to there. How exciting that you got a cake! I think you should get some of that pizza too! Hope to see you on Saturday.

  5. I didn't know there were Pug Saturdays too. Good to know!

    You should TOTALLY try and make SF PugSun on Easter. There may not be as many people (??) but religious holidays don't stop the pugs!