Thursday, March 18, 2010

My diet begins Monday....promise

This is an excuse I think I should be able to use. Sure I'm a pug, and technically I don't have a say as to when it begins, but really isn't this a woman's favorite saying?
So ever since my bad weekend (darn grass) and not one but two doctors telling mom and dad I'm a little "plump", mom has really stuck to this no treats/extra food/cookies regime. First off she decides to mix my normally yummers food with the (ahem!) weight management formula. Really...fiber?? Then she's totally cut back on treats and my "just because" cookies. Now these precious orbs are for not. I've even taken to helping myself to whatever is in the fridge. I don't even have any carrots to drown my sorrow...something about getting to Trader Joe's blah blah blah.
I used to get a whole cup of food a day! Now I only get 3/4 of a cup. FOR THE WHOLE DAY! What is mom thinking? I run, I chase, I play, I fetch that's like at least 1,000,000 calories burned a day right?!? Ugh, this is not happening to me. Doesn't mom understand, I'm stocky, it's like in my gene pool. I know she blames everything on being Italian, so I blame it on being a pug.
I feel faint, lack of cookies will cause my to swoon, they'll be lucky if I perform at my optimum. Must find cookie......


  1. I feel your pain, BellaT.

    Tubular? Been there, done that. Having a waist isn't so bad. When you get yours back, you'll get to eat lots of cookies to celebrate.

    Have to say though, I eat 1 cup of food a day and I seem to remember being a lot bigger than you. Hmmmm.

  2. You poor thing. You know,I don't think these vets appreciate the sexy curves of a BBP (Big Beautiful Pug). Personally, I always put on a little extra winter meat. Now that the walks have increased, my curves are more defined. Tell your human, you still deserve some extra treats. That's what life's about!

  3. Thanks guys for your support. I have decided to pull out the big guns...that's right... puppy eyes with the head tilt. I don't think I'm too big, but mom says two doctors can't be wrong. It won't be so bad once mom gets me some carrots. I think I may start charging a cookie for each kiss...hmmm I may be on to something.

  4. Hey Bellatrix...I think Wilma's got the right idea: you are a big beautiful pug. I think you look perfect. Yet, moms will be moms and I know my humans are very concerned with my "missing" waist. Have you seen Puglet's waist? He looks fantastic...he's not missing his at all! Mom is taking me to Cayucos this weekend (beach in SLO) so I am going to run and run and run off those calories. Maybe when the weather gets better we can go to the beach in SF together and run with Puglet & brother Dutch?

  5. OOOHHHH Spencer that sounds like a ton of fun! I've never seen a beach, but Puglet says the sand tastes yummy. His waist looks fantastic so sand must be very low in calories. I think our moms are crazy, we look amazing together...we even have photographic proof.
    Don't run too much, you don' want to hurt yourself. Take lots of pictures, I'd love to see you running on the beach, sun glistening off your soft coat. Have a great weekend.