Saturday, March 13, 2010


So last night was not a good night for me. It started off great...had a day of fun at grandma's house then I ate something and it was all downhill from there. Mom got all worried because I was making a funny sound, the vet said it was nothing, but mom and dad have something they called "instincts" and they knew something was off. After my worried dad had to go off to work, mom and I settled into our usual routine. She watches some trash TV and I sleep on the sofa. Normally I like to take up a cushion to myself and s p r e a d out, but last night I wanted to just cuddle with mom. Now mom loves a good cuddle, but when I give up my sofa and just lay across her lap, she knows something is wrong. I kept making that funny sound, it was so bad I couldn't sleep! Imagine a pug deprived of her sleep...the nerve. So mom decided we're going to have to go to the emergency room. We're lucky to live close to one, so within a few minutes we were in the back and off to see a doctor. After he molested me, ahem I don't think I'm coughing from that end thank you very much!, he decided I would have to stay.
Hours later, some drugs in my system and a giant probe in my mouth, he found grass wrapped around my tonsil. Now I didn't know that was possible, or that I even had a tonsil, but there it was. I was super sleepy after that and mom had to come get me real late at night. Way past our bedtime.
I'm feeling a little better today. Not my normal crazy self. I know I'll be back to feisty me tomorrow. Does this mean I'll stop eating grass? Nope! Dad better mow our lawn fast.


  1. Bellatrix- we all woke up this morning anxious to hear from you and are so relieved you are better! Thank goodness your mommy & daddy are so smart and have good instincts. Going to the vet is never fun but going to the vet for something scary is terrifying. We're happy your home and on the way to recovery. I bet you'll be taking it easy but, when your back in full swing, let me know so we can go eat some of that stupid grass together-show that grass who is boss! Big hugs to you & your mom!

  2. Oh Bellatrix,what a relief.We're all so happy to know you're ok. I guess I better be careful, I love to have a blade of grass hanging out of my mouth in the summer. Mom and Dad call me a hayseed when I do that. They better watch it.They're the ones who moved us all out to the country.
    I hope you have a nice chill day,lay low and get waited on.

  3. Spencer and Wilma...thanks so much for your well wishes and pug-tastic thoughts. I'm feeling so much better, mom even took me to the park to hang in the sunshine. No running around though, just hanging out and it was fun! The doctor said the blade of grass was just a freak accident, but you know me I love to be different.
    Please be careful when enjoying grass. I'm still going to eat it, just chew it more I guess.

  4. Hi & I just got back from the dog park out in our area. We were thinking of you while we were out there. Glad to know you're enjoying this beautiful day somewhat and hope to see you real soon.

  5. Oh Bella T,

    Ooops. My comment from this morning didn't make it. I'm very glad you are better. And you are one talented pug to get a blade of grass tangled around a body part you didn't even know you had :)

    Tonsils. Who knew?!?