Monday, March 29, 2010

What would we do for our humans?

Last night mom and I were snuggling on the sofa when this story came onto the news about a woman whose dog had run into the ocean. I guess she was scared her dog would drown so she went after her dog. She died and the dog just swam out of the water without any problems.
So this leads me to think...gosh would I jump into the ocean to save my mom or dad? I know I'm just 18lbs, but could I drag mom or dad out? Nope! I'm not that silly to think that, but I think about all the things I can do for mom and dad. First off, I defend our backyard from the evils of squirrels! I let them know who's queen pug of our house! Next, when the doorbell rings, I run to the door, puff my chest out and give them my best "German Shepard lives here" bark. Those girl scouts better think twice before scamming my parents for their $4.00! When mom and dad take me for a walk, I have to stop and just recon the area, I'm scanning for entry points. Now I've made good friends with the mailman and UPS guy, they're here like everyday, so I've decided they pass my background check. Gosh if you think about it, I do a lot for these people!
Mom and dad said I have failed to list the most important thing I do for them...give them oodles of unconditional love, and that is the reason they put up with me. So would I jump in the ocean for them? Not really because I can't...but I know they'd do it for me....that makes us even.


  1. Bellatrix -

    Mommy always says she would do anything for us. We are her babies. People who own us puggies totally understand that!

    You may not physically be able to save your Mommy or Daddy if push comes to shove...but remember dear Bellatrix...(They named you that for a reason)... You are helping them in other ways.
    I know when My Mommy and Daddy are having a bad day all they have to do is look at us. Come on. I've said this before to many. We are the entire package. Our hynotic eyes and velvety ears. Our melon shaped bodies. Our snorts, grunts and snuffles...It gets them all the time!!!


  2. I totally get that and dad are never in a bad mood around me. My eyes are powerful...they can lure anyone into giving me a cookie with just one glance. I was going to insure my eyes like the celebrities do...hey they have the power of the pug. I'm sure you make your mom and dad super happy and there is nothing like a pug grunt to put a smile on any ones face.

  3. BT- your eyes get me every time too! You are one powerful pug. I know I'd do anything for you...I sniff out the park to make sure it's safe for you...I check the picnic table to ensure its sturdiness...pee on the fence...gotta mark my lady's castle! My mom, on the other hand, I always make sure her lap is warm and that she's got tons of hair on her so everyone at her work knows who she belongs to. I like to put teeth marks in all her shoes and belts and paperwork so she knows it's hers and doesn't forget it somewhere...she needs help on these things! My mom would do anything for me too. I am the king and she's here to serve!

  4. Spencer I appreciate all your hard work and all you do for me. You make me feel safe at the park and help to defend OUR park. hehe...yep I said our park. So I hope you get lots of cookies for all you do for your mom. I mean you make sure her paperwork is in order, act as her personal heater...and bring her shoes that will best match her outfit? Wow! You are one talented pug. I know that there isn't anything your mom wouldn't do for you, in fact our moms would jump in an ocean for us...and we'd sit on the shore laughing at them after we've swum back to safety. It'll be our secret...hehe

  5. Hiya BellaT!

    Uhm, those Girly Scout people carry cookies. Yeah. So skip the barking and give 'em The Look. I'm sure they'd totally feed you.


  6. Puglet if they carried Bellatrix cookies I would so let them in...but they are a big fat tease because they only carry human cookies! I am not allowed any of those.

  7. Hi Bellatrix! There is no way I would jump in the ocean to save Mom or Dad. I'm just too scared of water. What I would do is run to get help. That sounds like a plan, don't you think?

    Mom and Dad, on the other hand, would do anything for me. Even though they say I'm getting really crabby in my old age, then still do whatever I say. I totally have them wrapped around my little paws!

    Stubby xoxo