Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's mine...Stay out...!

My best bud Spencer's birthday was a blast! All sorts of Pug-centric happenings...more on that later.

Being a pug, I have certain pug-doggie behaviors. One of these is protecting MY backyard. Not Mommy's or Daddy's backyard...It's MINE! I sit in front of the big see-through door and wait for any non-pug interloper. Daddy even bought me a mat to put outside the door, warning all that it's my backyard! I chase away all the evil doers, including squirrels, possums, various bugs, raccoons, tigers, lions, bears, alligators (I thought I saw one in my mini-pug-pool!) and even trains. But one critter eludes me and teases me and gets me all excited. She sits on the fence with her cute grey fur and pretty pink collar and MEOWS AT ME! What the F*--...Ooops, I almost used a Daddy-word...

The cat's name is Gracie. She's pretty friendly, but she shouldn't be in my backyard. Of all the backyards to do her cat thing in, she picks mine. Meow...Meow...Meow...While sitting on her high fence. I do my protecto-pug best to alert the parental units to feline danger, but Daddy GOES AND PETS GRACIE! Really, Daddy, using precious petting skills on The Enemy?!?!?!?

Daddy says me and Gracie can be friends. He's even introduced us and wanted me to make peace with her. But, it's not aboot Gracie, it's aboot her invading my backyard and teasing me! GGrrrrrr......

I think it would be best if we tolerated each other. I won't bark, she won't meow...And Daddy...I know you're reading this, you won't pet her!


  1. Hi Bellatrix,
    Hmmmm... I'm thinking. Where does this Gracie live? Perhaps if you went over into her yard and started peeing and pooping, that might alert hereto the idea that she should stay on her own turf. I don't know though. These cats, they seem to think they have a far reaching territory, for hunting and roaming. Hmph. Might have to become friends. Let us know how you make out.

  2. Aboot Bellatrix? You sound like Jamie Baker talking about the SJ Sharks!
    Go Sharks!
    Love Noodles
    PS I don't like interlopers on MY BACKYARD either.

  3. The nerve of Daddy petting the invader! Well I understands the whole protect backyard thingy. The other day mum almost sent me inside. I was helping her garden and a squirrel invaded. I barked and ran and chased. Then I barked, barked some more and continued to bark for minutes afterward, I mean come on gotta tell them who is boss here. Mum threatened to lock me inside if I did not stop barking!!!!!!!!!! PFT peeps just don't get it! Anyway I luvs the door mat it is perfect!


  4. The mat is so funny....we need one too!!! Belly I have the same problem. You see there are many (mom thinkgs between 10 to 12) stray cats running arounds out apartment complex. The nieghbor feeds them and so they hang around MY backyard too!! Oh I hates it. I understand your pain Belly.


  5. Oh Belly!!!

    You are funny wits 'dis stuffs!! We's loves yous gray mats!! We's need ones!! We's tinking yous should send Gracie back down 'da brick road to Kansas perhaps... maybe she from 'dere?? She could have wondered yous way...

    Anakin tinks 'dat only cuz he's been tormented by his Alvin and he's in his scarecrow costume right now... oh brother...

    Yous Daddy still loves yous!! Don't worry...
    'da Josie

  6. Hey Bella-T!

    I need to get one of those doormat warning thingys for my house. Maybe that'll keep the raccoons out of the kitchen!?!