Sunday, November 28, 2010

An epic battle

It all starts when Daddy uses a towel to wipe up all of my jowl juice. I always leak a little extra, just to get Daddy to get a towel and wipe up the mess, so we can play tug o' towel. He STILL hasn't caught on that I can control my jowl juice at will, although I was almost caught, once, when I drank some water, without a drop spilled, and he saw me! He's a bit dense, and thought it was just a coincidence...Silly Daddy...

So, after a brief struggle, I managed to win the game, and got the towel! I shook it, threw it around, whipped it in the air! It was mine! I had WON!

Until the lights went out. I'm not sure what happened. I heard Daddy run away. Crap, it must be bad! Then I hear the noises from Samsung the camera...Ut oh....Something must be going on, Is Daddy taking pictures? The lights were out, Daddy was leaking from his eyes, laughing, the towel had disappeared and something was taking pictures. I hope Gracie The Cat wasn't torturing my Daddy and taking pictures of it!

I had to think quick, Protecto-pug was needed! So I whipped my head and jumped and ran in circles and used my Pug Power and POOF...The towel reappeared and fell to the floor and the lights came on! I'm not sure where the towel went when the lights went out, but I think I may have flung it too far into the sky? Or is it an evil plot by the diabolical Gracie? I am a pretty strong pug, afterall....And Daddy isn't saying what happened. I may have to use my Orb Power to persuade him...Hmmm...I wonder why he won't let me see the pics for this blog....


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't stop laughing at that one. You made my eyes leak too Bella!

  2. Hi Bella!

    You had my Mom, bent over laughing out loud with leaking eyes! Glad the lights came back on & you found the towel.