Monday, November 29, 2010

Random acts of cuteness

Well...Because of Daddy's lack of editorial insightfullness, I have (at least until Mommy helps with my blogging, again) taken control over my blog. Since today is Random Acts of Cuteness, I have decided to post a self portrait of me hard at work doing pug related research, looking at pug pictures, reading pug gossip, and other assorted pug related things. It's tough not having fingers, and my snowshoe size paws (thanks Puglet's Mom for that nickname!) make it hard to type, but I'm coping.

Yet another Daddy picture. Since he got a new camera, he's been a pain in my curl with all the pics. Unfortunately, he caught me in mid-toooble-bliss...Well, it WAS a good toooble. Mommy said it was bison, and I'm afraid of that because it gave me squirty-poo, but so far, all is good.

Daddy strikes again...Breaking one the the most important rules in all of Pugdom: Don't mess with a Pug's nap. See, I like my nap time. I like layin' on the sofa in sleepy bliss. It's been freeezing where I live, so I snatched a blankie, and wrapped myself up. I was all cozy when I heard Mr. Samsung Camera....And saw Daddy's goofy grin...I was too cozy to snort at him, or chase him away with a Pug bomb, so instead, I played sleepy, and he went away.

I guess that makes me randomly cute...If you want to be on my blog for next Monday's R.A.O.C., send me some pics, and MOMMY (not that silly Daddy) will help me post them!


  1. Oooh - they messed with your nap *and* the tooble? What the ??

    I hear you on the freezing. My human wants to know if your snowshoe feet help keep your toes warm, but I think she's kidding. Or just being weird.

  2. Hi Bella, you need to get an iPad with the touch screen. Slug go is always doing stuff on that thing. All you do is stomp on it and your running apps!

  3. You do look pretty cute napping :)


    Minnie Moo

  4. Hi Bellatrix,
    Nice blogging. I had to DO MY OWN TYPING while the family was away in Disneyland. Harrrumph!
    You did a good job. Got a couple cute pix coming your way.
    Love Noodles

  5. Hi Bellatrix,
    Love the picture of you napping. It's not very nice of your Daddy disturb your Beauty Sleep.

    You are very cute, randomly or not.


  6. Hey Bella,
    Love the napping pic, thats my favorite past time.
    Love ya,
    Rambo and Miss Ellie

  7. I hope your tooble doesn't give you squirty poo or juicy pug farts. I totally know the feeling. Let us know how things go when you 'go', my tummy gets rumbly easy too.

    xoxo Percy

  8. Let's see a close-up of your snow shoe feet!