Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Belly the muddy pug

Back in May, I went on a trip to the Lafayette Resevoir, a big adventure to explore the wilds. I did o.k., and even managed to chase some local wildlife. Well, this past Sunday was normally a Pug Sunday in San Francisco, but the weather was horrible. Mommy and Daddy are weather wusses. I was willing to go and brave the rains to hang with my peeps, maybe meet up with Pug and Dutch, or who knows what else. Well, Mommy and Daddy had a change of plans, and I'm not a big fan of change. But this was a good change...we were goin' to Point Isabel! I've been there once before and I had a ton of fun. But this trip was different...it was all wet and muddy, a perfect place to explore my true doggie side!

When we arrived, I hopped off Daddy's lap, and we were off to explore! They left me on the leash for a bit, Mommy said she didn't want me swimming in the bay water. I can swim like a fish, but my pug body sinks like a stone, so it's not the best idea if my water born instincts take over...

I was soon a free pug! I ran through the trees, stalked a basset hound, and only gave my Mommy a few heart attacks when I ran a bit too far! But I always came back!

It was really muddy, and I got all dirty! I think I can be an outdoor adventure pug, kinda like that dude Bear Grylls ( Daddy watches him on the TV...Mommy thinks he's fake, but I know better).

Notice the perfect retriever like stalking stance...The upraised paw...That basset hound never knew what hit him when I went in for the...great pug butt snif!! He was a cool pooch and after a quick play session, he ran away to be with his beagle friend.

We kept on our trek, closing in on the prize: Daddy wanted a mocha from the snack stand...silly Daddy...I was worn out by the end, and really dirty. I got a BIG surprise, though, when Mommy and Daddy treated me to a spa treatment at the MudPuppy's Tub &' Scrub! It was my first bath done by a pro, and I like it alot!

In the end, it was a good day, and I wasn't too disappointed aboot Pug Sunday. Mommy was peeved at some chick named Mother Nature, 'cause it didn't rain too hard on us, and we were o.k. at point Isabel, but this Mother made it rain hard in a lot of places and we probably would've gotten really wet at Pug Sunday, and Mommy was still fighting with a cold, and didn't wanna get too wet.

Adventure Pug, after the big adventure, was down for the count...zzzzzzz....snort!


  1. A professional grooming is nice, as long as Mom picks me up right away and I don't have to be in one of those crate things waiting. Enjoy it now, cuz if you are ever in a multiple pug situation, those little indulgences go right out the window. You'll be in the tub for baths for the rest of your days. Sounds like this Point Isabel place is fun

  2. Awww look at how cute you are sleeping?!!!

    That stalking stance is pretty good. You're going to have to teach me that one. I'm not very good at sneaking up on anything.


    Minnie Moo

  3. Whoa - are you practicing the Jimmy in that first picture? I hear we're making a video!

    I'm superbummed we got rained out on Sunday, but I"m glad you had fun at The Point.

    I've been to Mud Puppies but only to watch other dogs get clean. My human has never gotten me professionally cleaned, but maybe it's time for that to change.

  4. What a great trip!!! Looks like a great time!!!
    I sink like a stone too. Even with my lifejacket, it's very awkward, so I usually sleep on the boat while my crazy sister and humans play in the lake.

    ~The Lola Monster

  5. Hi Bella-
    I go to the groomers once a month, and I love every bit of it. Mom does, too, cause she says I smell great when I'm done. Plus, I don't shed for a couple of days. They clean my ears, clip my nails, all the good stuff there.
    You look fab after your Pt Isabel/MudPuppy trip!
    Lafayette Lola

  6. Oohhhh, Bells you are such a beauty, mud n' all! I wish I could have gone..mom sure is crampin my style lately. We don't get to do anything fun. However, I did hear some pretty incredible news....we get to plan a Cayucos trip for spring! Didja hear the Puglet?! Get your calendars out and let me know when the big beast can come swoop ya up!