Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock the Pug Vote

I'm going to start a new campaign. Make 2011 the Year of the Pug! I announce my candidacy for the office of Ambassador of Good Will to pugs everywhere. If you vote for me, I promise to always have a kiss for those asking, even if you have bad breath. I promise to always clean your plate for you, even if you force me to beg. I promise to represent all pugs everywhere to the best of my ability, even if that means I have to drag my mom everywhere to do so. I promise to promote good relations with other breeds of dogs, even with you Border Collies. I promise to spread good will and not steal other dogs floppy discs at the dog park.

I will also campaign for my constituents to always get treats, by orbing your parents. You will always have a full belly under my leadership. I also want to help those who are not fortunate to own pugs (like you border collie people) and show you that better choices are out there. So remind your parents to get out and vote for PROP P(ugs)!!

I also wanted to thank Frolic Photo for taking my official campaign photo. I look most studious in this picture dontcha think?

My name is Bellatrix "Bells" Button and I approve this message.


  1. I'd totally vote for you, Bella-T. I think your platform thingy is totally better than any of the human politicians I've seen on TV. They're all just... mean. And they lie! The TV says they ALL lie. Who wants to vote for a liar??

  2. Oh Miss Bells Button,
    You have got my vote! That picture clinched it!

  3. You have our votes, can we work on your campain? pretty please??? Also, come check out our blog, it will make our Mom's day to actually have someone visit our blog. You'll be the very first visitor!

  4. Belly we are on your side!!! Love the campaign photo too!

  5. You already have a better campaign platform than any human we've seen. You have our votes.
    Zoey & Phoebe

  6. I'd vote for ya. Will you please come run in Kentucky too?! And yes that picture is beautiful of you :) Your mommy should blow it up and frame it in your house. Just saying.


    Minnie Moo

  7. May I please run as your Vice or something? I have a few things to say! Love the campaign pic...it works for you!