Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I'm Thankful For

Today was a day to think back and find all the things we're grateful for. Being a pug, there isn't much. I mean I look at it like we're entitled to these things....we shouldn't expect less. I aim high, and laugh in the face of mediocrity and turn tail at anything less than the best. So today, I'm "thankful" for the sofa. See this I had to earn my way on it. When I was a wee one, I was restricted to just the kitchen. That sofa taunted me from the other side of the gate. Well I finally decided I wanted on it. I super orbed mom into taking me up there. She made sure I had an empty bladder, then let me on it. It was an instant connection and it's been my domain ever since.

I'm also thankful that daddy was smart enough to pick me. He had the choice of another black female pug that shall remain nameless, but he picked me. He said my orbs sold him. Oh these silly 'rents. Under my spell from day one. My orbs have never steered me wrong.

I am thankful for my friends Pug, Dutch and my honey Spencer (and all the other awesome pugs I've met that I don't have pictures of). I mean they choose to be friends with me and we go on lots of adventures together. I mean they are super fun to hang with and they are all so awesome. They accept me funny bits and all!

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I'm also grateful for all of you. You all take the time to read what I have to say, which I'm sure can be boring. So thanks guys and I hope you all had a great turkey day!!


  1. Orbage! You are so awesome Bella. :D

  2. Hi Bella, I am thankful for you, my cool little west coast Sunflower! Enjoy that couch!

  3. We are thankful for you too!!!

    ~The Monster Crew

  4. Hey Bella, I started following your blog after reading Puglet's. While I don't officially follow you, I read your blog, so you have more followers than you know! Love the power of your orbs. Who can resist? Even through the internet they have power-I can only imagine in person what they must be like-mesmerizing.

  5. Belly we are thankful for yous!


  6. Bellatrix I am thankful for my sofa too. My daddy didn't want me on there at first but then my mommy said something along the lines of screw you and ive been up here ever since, only leaving to go for walks and eat. We are superduper thankful for your blog, you are the most interesting pug. ever. But mostly, we are thankful for your orbs.

    Love Percy and my mama's thumbs

  7. Bellatrix, I am thankful for you and all my blogger furiends. But especially you cuz you were NUMERO UNO pet blog PAL.
    Love Noodles

  8. oh bellatrix you dont know me but i am wilma the pugs nana and i love the part where your mommy said screw you about the couch an all. you sound like a winner so i think ill follow you hope wilma doesnt get jealous

  9. this is nana gail and ive come to visit your blog and i like what percy cocoa had to say about the couch. and i am over there where wilma the pug is, i am her nana. But i have enjoyed reading your blog.i like what percys mom had to say and i am glad you stuck by your guns