Monday, November 1, 2010

G'Day Mate!!

As you know I went to hang out yesterday with Pug and Dutch, well what you didn't know is that they had some company. Mel and Nye were visiting from someplace called Australia, and they also read my little blog (hi guys!) so because they can't have a dog where they live (no pug!) they arranged to meet with Pug and Dutch to get some pug love.
So in honor of their visit, I'm going to point out all the cool things about Australia. Mom would like me to point out that these views are from a pug's point of view. One of the best things to come out of Australia are Uggs! When I was a little pup, I got giddy at the sight of Uggs. Mom has a pair in black, just to match me! Now that I'm a dignified adult, I no longer chew on them, although I so would given a chance.

Next they have Crocodile Dundee. He seems brave, like he wrestle crocodiles. I am a super brave pug, but that is pretty brave!

I thought Kangaroos were lined the streets and people walked them like dogs, but apparently not. Check out those feet! I could totally jump over the fence and get that cat Gracie!!

They also have beaches in Australia and sharks! Yikes! Pugs totally would get eaten by a shark, so don't venture too far into the water. I had Pug with me, so I felt a little safe going into the water. Not too far though, I'm kinda wimpy like that.

So while mom totally didn't get a picture of me with Mel and Nye, she did get a picture of me with their legs. I had fun getting kisses and love from them. I did grace them with my orbs, just once. They talked different too, I liked how they said my a song. Oh and Mel knew my name was from Harry Potter, that's super awesome. So I hope you got some knowledge about Australia. Have a safe trip home guys, and no smuggling a pug home with ya!


  1. Aren't Mel & Nye the aussie-est? They are cooler than a kangaroo :0!

  2. Oooohhhh, very cool Bellatrix. I am super bummed I didn't get to meet the super cool aussie couple! Sure did miss my buds this weekend!

  3. That is very cool, meeting people from Australia. Too bad they can't have a pug, what a bummer for them. Looks like you had fun at the beach, though.


  4. You are a travel enthusiast, Bellatrix! Maybe they'll sneak you over to Australia with them?! But then you might miss your peeps... Maybe you could just go for vacation!

  5. Wow Bella, you really do know a lot about Australia! BTW I think your mum is the cutest human getting Ugg boots that match you. :) Meanwhile how could I not know where your name comes from, I'm possibly as big a fan of the HP books as your mum!