Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lord of the Pugs!

The other day Pug/Dutch and I hit of the beach (check out previous blogs) and while there Miss Amanda (that's Pug's mom) took this awesome picture of me! See we were walking along this trail and there sitting oh so innocently was a tree with a giant hole in it. Pug's mom always has her camera with her (she's this amazing picture taker) and she turns to mom and says "Let's shove Bellatrix in that hole." Well she was probably a bit nicer about it, but mom took it like that.
Now you may have seen how svelte I've been looking lately, so mom decided that shoving me (ass in no less) into this hole (bugs and all!!!!!) all for a cute photo op?? Mom said something about how happy she was because I was skinny enough to get in there, but I was happy because once I went in and hung out...the treats were free flowing.
All I had to do was hang out in there (it was gross inside BTW and my coat is so soft and shiny-shesh) and look where I was told to, and then food comes my way?? I'd say that's a good deal. See I guess there was a movie about a Hobbit or something that lived in trees? That was the inspiration behind this picture. Oh and for all the whip cream? That came after this...wouldn't you hang out in a tree's hole for some of that?


  1. Well, it's a cute picture, that's for sure Bella. But, I mean, these humans. I think they may need to be stopped. Thiese risks they take, putting us in harms way, all for a photo-op. Think about it.

  2. OMG soooo cute!!! You look like you could live among the Hobbits!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  3. I'm glad you fit in the hole because that's a supercute picture. My tree-hole photo wasn't nearly as cute. Dutch said I look like a mutant owl!

  4. Hi Bella!
    Awesome picture. Glad the creatures living in there didn't get you.

    Oh, I gave you credit on Short Tails of my new favorite discovery... a beach...


  5. Wilma, the hole was at ground level, so it was totally safe! Plus didn't you read...treats were involved...treats...yummy treats...it was like a little buffet.

  6. Thanks Suki! Pug introduced me to beaches and all that fun that you can have in sand.

    Mama Monster...thanks...I try to always be adorable. It's a challenge for sure.

  7. Pug!! You were handsome for sure! I know you didn't look like an owl. You always look awesome in your pictures.

  8. yup, i'd say that was worth the grossness... Free treats, yup totally worth it. Oh and mum luvs the photo!


  9. Thanks Winston. Isn't everything in life worth treats? I love treats...who doesn't?

  10. Bella,

    That is a fantastic picture. I hope your mama is framing these around your house!


    Minnie Moo

  11. Hi Bellatrix,
    That is an awesome picture. So far the most I have endured in the name of photography are endless costumes and some fingernail paint. In retrospect, I think a hole in a tree would be preferable.
    Love Noodles

  12. Wow what a super cool picture! Glad the tree varmints didn't get my girl!

  13. We would've hung out there for whipped cream! YUM :)
    Maddy and Owen

  14. Hi Bella,

    Great photo! You look so happy! I'd be scared that tree bugs would bite my butt!

    Molly in PA

  15. Bella, Bella, i didn't think you could get any cuter, but this is really showing your cuteness.

    Love ya,
    Rambo and Miss Ellie

  16. Bella, you totally look like you belong in Hobbit times! And that's a compliment!

  17. Hi Bellatrix! I'm Percy. I've always wanted to comment on your blog posts but haven't because my pug paws jumble too many extra letters in the words I try to type, so today I asked my mom to type for me and leave a comment since we read your blog all the time.

    I'm glad you got free flowing treats. I like treats. And CHEESE.