Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life is just beachy!

Today I woke up and mom said we were going to head into the city to hang with Pug and Dutch at Chrissy Fields. I got very excited because I love the beach and hanging with Amanda (Pug and Dutch's mom). She lets me kiss her as much as I want and usually has a treat for me. Yeah Pug and Dutch are fun too, but she makes me all happy.

Look I try to get Dutch to play with me, but all he does is play with his ball or his Henrietta chicken. Shesh! I did harass some other dogs and played with them. I think Pug got jealous, because then she started playing with me! I like playing with him. He's no Spencer, but he's a fun substitute. Today Pug even got me into the water, he chased his ball and I wanted a stick. Mom was too slow with the camera to get me in action, but she captured me after.

As you know Amanda takes pictures with her giant camera. She took this last picture of me doing what I love to do best at the beach....EAT SAND!! We did lots of fun stuff today, many more details will follow.

I highly encourage you to take your 'rents to the beach...and if you don't live near the beach...well crap! Move to San Francisco so we can play together.


  1. Hey Bella-T ~

    I wish you lived on our side of the bridge. And Spencer too. Then we could all play together, all the time. How fun would that be???

    PS: sorry my human's giant camera made your feet look so big.

  2. Hahah cutie... Looks like such a fun time!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  3. Wow the beach looks like so much fun!
    Ive never been to a beach...but mummy says that she promises she will take me once the winter is over...apparently the beach disappears in the winter here...WEIRD!!!


  4. Oh Bella, you're such a fun loving pug, it's fun to read about you and dream. :)

  5. Bella,

    I love the beach too. But I don't eat sand. Is it good?


    Minnie Moo

  6. Hey Minnie and Oisin, the beach is so much fun! You have to go soon.

  7. Mel, if you lived closer, mom said she'd let you borrow me? hmmmm.....something about sleeping in and getting a pedicure...

  8. Heya Bella,

    Hope you don't mind another friend - I figured I'd venture to your side of the blogosphere!

    That sand stuff looks *tasty*! I've never been to a beach with sand - only lakes which are sooo boring. My human says nothing cool happens in Pennsylvania so I will live vipugiously through you and Puglet :)

    Can't wait to see what kind of fun you have this weekend!

    Molly in PA

  9. Hey Pug, we still live close to each other, and mom is always willing to drive me to you. Next time, she said we're totally dragging Spencer with us.

  10. Bellatrix you are so cute eating sand. I love to dig dig dig in the sand at the beach (in VA...super soft sand). I asked Mom to go to the beach here (in WA) and she said we don't got to the beach here. Its so cold she said I would freeze, maybe in July. What! I thinks I need to go with you guys.

    SF or bust!

  11. You Lucky Pug!! Yep..we are in Washington State, too just like Sequoia & Petunia..and they are totally right ... we would FREEZE. It is SO funny that you like to EAT SAND. I've never tried that, but then I'm only four months old - have lots to learn.
    Have a fun day,
    Joan & Jane Austen Eyre