Saturday, October 22, 2011

Belly bliss....

A fun day of playin', a warm hooman's lap, a cheesy-chewy, and pug sleepys...What a perfect pug day...


  1. Hey BellaT-

    How awesome! We're having a perfect day too. Right exactly now we are at the beach in the warm sun. My human says we might stay here forever. Or at least until the sun goes away.

    Wish we had some cheesy chews though. All there is to eat here is sand and woodchips (char-broiled!). No way i'm eating sand and I keep getting shouted at for trying to eat the chips.

    Enjoy your chews!

  2. Mmm, cheese! I bet you'll be having some sweet dreams tonight, Bellatrix.

  3. Love me some cheese, in any form. Combine that with a good nap and you have the perfect day alright!

  4. Oww Belly you ARE having a perfect day! That photo says it all you look like one sleepy happy puggy! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x