Monday, October 17, 2011

Pug-O-Ween Pt.1

Mummy pugs, flyin' pugs, devil pugs...Woohoo! Me and the hoomans went to the Marin Humane Society for Pugpros yearly Pug-O-Ween!

In the pugs?!?!? Ut-oh, did Mommy drive us to the wrong place?? Nopers! Just a quick detour until we hit the big show!

Lots of pugs were there! I was cut loose from my leashy, and worked the room. Mommy and Daddy checked in with the pug-hooman organizers and registered my costume. I checked out the judging table a bit early:


I didn't have my costume on, yet, as there was a special time set aside so we pugs could get ready.

I met some cool pugs, and hung out with puggies from all over. Daddy, my documentarian, took pics of some of them...but, being senile, forget most of their names....silly daddy!!

Wait a snorty-second!!! That grey and white fluffer-nutter doesn't look like a pug?!? I realize that we were here to help pugs, and there was no way I wouldn't let other doggies help with that, but the fluffer-nutter was claiming to be a pug-mix. With curiosity at its highest (and for a pug, that's pretty high), I sent my newly established BPP (Black Pug Posse) to investigate...Apparently, the fluffer-nutter was part pug, but was a bit shy, and still a pup, so we gave it some space, knowing that the BPP could be a bit overwhelming.

Part two, we'll visit some of my bestest buds in the whole world: Spencer and his sooper cool costume, Zoey and Phoebe and their nifty wings, and Pug and his food trick!


  1. You sure do look ready for a party! I can't wait to hear and see more of Pug-o-ween!

  2. Oh Bellatrix
    I wanted to be at Pug-O-Ween So much!!! But my Mommy had to work Saturday AND Sunday SO my lovely costume is still hanging up collecting DUST!!!! It sounds like you all had so much fun!!!
    Love Lonely Noodles

  3. Zoey says she was a mere observer and did engage in rough fluffer nutter greetings. We had a lot of fun yesterday. We really enjoyed meeting new pugs and seeing all of our pug & human friends again. Maybe next time Noodles will be there.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!