Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pug races, Pug food, back fat...yikes!

So, at Pugtacular, last year, I ran my curl off and got second place in the big pug races. Me and Daddy had been practicing at the park, lots of sprinting and watching my foods...I was ready for this big race!

Daddy held me back, Mommy was down the track yelling encouragements, and opening the treat bag. Ready...set...GO! I ran as fast as my pug legs and snowshoe paws could go and got FIRST PLACE in my heat. Then it was off to the finals, and as the video shows,  I got second place!

After the pug races, I needed a break, so Mommy messaged my aching muscles:
Pug came to the big event, too. In his race, another pug cut him off with a pug-belly block, forcing pug away from the finish line. SO, what's a pug to do..EAT:

This leads us to the infamous cheese video. Blogger doesn't like the video, so Daddy is gonna figure another way of posting it...Let's just say, a slice of pizza-pie disappeared in the blink of an orb. So fast, I couldn't snatch it from his jowls...
So, after all that, my Mommy decided to molest pug's back fat, maybe to soften him up when we wrestle?

Well, when the day was done, everyone was sooper happy: Pugs were helped, pug races were run, costumes were worn...I think the smile on Spencer's face says it all!


  1. way to go! how fun was that day! I specially liked the parts about treats and food!


  2. You were pretty fast Bella! I hope your dad gets the Pug video fixed.

  3. You look like you were really enjoying that massage! Glad you had a great time.

  4. I have SEEN you run in PUGson, Bellatrix and I KNOW you are lickety split fast. And Puglet at a food table is a force to be reckoned with to be sure.
    Who wouldn't smile with all that fun and food happening????
    Love Noodles

  5. You had such a fun time by the look of it, you seem to really love your massage, I love them too! Love and pHUGS Frank xx