Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who is this??

Who the hell is this in my backyard?  When mom went to work today she told me she was bringing home a new friend.  So who is this??

She's pretty cute right?  Kinda leggy and on the thin side....

She seems to like daddy...and I'm ok with that.  I mean she's nice and all, not trying to take my daddy or mommy away from me at all.  Hmmm.....

Seems I'm going to have to get to the bottom of this and do some sniffin' around.

Meet Emi!!  This is my new foster sister.  See mom got it into her head that I need to share my home with other pugs that don't have forever me!  My 'rents are new foster parents for Central Coast Pug Rescue.  So little Emi is now living with us until she gets her surgery on her eye.  Can I just tell you she's had one sh*&#$ (censored by mom) life.  I won't tell you about it, I might let her have a turn on the blog, but only if I like her.  The jury is still out....

Emi's eye will have to be removed, and all rescues are dependent on donations.  If you have an extra treat dollar just sitting around, maybe you can donate it to Emi's surgery.  Thanks guys and please send positive juju her tons...oodles....caboodles...because I want her better soon so we can play!!


  1. Aww, poor little Emi! She will be in our prayers for sure. Bella, you and your 'rents are so awesome to foster this cutie. Give her lots of love!

  2. Aww Emi is super cute, I hope that she will be well soon so you can play, I hope she gets her eye surgery soon, you must know what it feels like having orb problems, bless you both! I'm sure that you will be the best of friends in no time! Positive juju coming your way, love and pHUGS Frank x x x x

  3. I understand, Mom brought home a foster too but after several reckonings (Mom calls them take downs but I was gentle I promise) I think I'll keep her!

  4. What?! A foster sister? Hooray! Emi looks like she really needs a friend, Bellatrix, and I know you will be nice to her. I was once homeless so I know what she's going through. Give her a little kiss from me and tell her that everything is going to be okay.


  5. Congratulations, Bellatrix!! I can't think of a better foster family for such a sweet little girl! I mean, who better to teach her to superorb with her one good eye than you?!!

  6. Awwww we just donated to Emi because she's so sweet looking, we love pugs, we want to help, it's my middle name (EMI), and we have a one eyed rescue puggy! Good luck sweet Emi and we hope to follow your story when Bellatrix lets you use the computer.

  7. Poor Emi. You can tell that she's had a crappy life. But all that is over now. She's going to find a great home with a wonderful family. She's going to fatten up, get that eye taken care of and feel on top of the world.
    Good job on your parents for deciding to be a foster! Now, be a good pug and be nice to her and all the ones that come through your home.

  8. We are happy to see that poor Emi has such a wonderful foster home. We are sure that you'll be a great foster sister. We are sending positive forever home juju, healing eye juju and for the gracious hostess some we love you juju for sharing your home & 'rents.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe