Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All About Me (as it should be!)

Mom and dad decided that today was going to be all about me!!  It's about freaking time.  It's not like everyday isn't about me, well because it is, but I'm not always made to feel extra special.  So after waking mom up earlier than any living creature should be awake (her words not mine) she gave me my yummy breakfast, and I promptly fell back to sleep with a full belly.  After I woke up for the second time (at a "normal" hour) they took me out for many adventures.  I had a fun time hanging with them.  We went to some pet stores and mom decided to spoil me.  The first of my spoils was.....

A new Christmas collar!!!  That's right fellow's less than 60 days away...and I'm keeping my paws crossed for some new yak chews and bison bones!

I also got a new bed for my crate.  It's hot pink and sassy, just like me!  I'm searching for my inner kitty as we speak...then I'm coming for you Dutchie!! got me a furminator.  She thought it was funny a pug was on the cover.  Apparently, I shed.

A Christmas toy!  Mom said she can't refuse a toy 50% off.  I can't refuse a toy...ever!

If any of you are new to my blog, I need to tell you how I handle a new bed.  First I...
Bite it.  Then I...
Attack it.  Then I...
Accept it and make it my bitch.
After all that spoiling what's a girl to do?  Sit back on one of my 10,897 beds and eat a new venison shin bone. 

Yup today was a good day, now to start working on that Christmas list....Dear Santa Paws I've been a very good hermaphroditic pug this year....


  1. Hi Bella! You know, I think all days should be fully devoted to us pugs! I'm going to go talk to my peeps right away!

  2. Yay! A day just for you Bellatrix!

    I must say that the new collar is very snazzy. I'm thinking I need a new collar, too, so I will have to get Momma to take me shopping.

    Can you believe we don't have a furminator? I sure hope Momma doesn't read this post because I don't want her getting any ideas.


  3. Hi Bellatrix
    I think you have more beds than I do and THAT is impossible!!!!! Of course that stinkin' sisteroid of mine, Sunshine the Cat, commandeers my beds 99.9% of the time! The nerve.
    I can't believe all the loot you hauled home. Yay you!
    Love Noodles

  4. Wow Bella, you really racked up the goodies! I am so jealous of that gingerbread toy, my Mom better be getting me one of those!
    I think you are perfectly right in the way you treat new beds, I do the same.

  5. Wow Belly you had an amazing day! You were really spoiled just like us Puggys should be! I can't believe how close Christmas is, I'm looking forward to Santa Paws coming too! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x

  6. Make it your bitch! Bahahahahahahahaha!!! Yo kill Bellatrix. Sounds like you had the perfect day, and you right, that is as it should be!

  7. That was supposed to say, you kill me Bellatrix. You just can't find competent help these days geesh!

  8. LOL!!! Way to make that bed your BITCH, Belly!!!! HAHAHAAA

    Wow...your new Christmas swag is loverly! I must speak with the management about getting me a Christmas collar toute de suite.

    Enjoy your noms!


    Pee S. I have a Furminator too.....but there wasn't a PUG on the package back when mom bought mine! I think we should write someone a letter telling them this crap is offensive to pugs!