Monday, October 3, 2011

Wet Paws

So there I am, just chillin' on the sofa right? I hung out yesterday at Pug Sunday with Pug/Dutch and Phoebe/Zoey. I played the day away at daycare...can't a pug just catch a serious nap already? What's all that noise going on in my backyard???

Holy freakazoid!! Those are rain my yard? It's only the beginning of October, I didn't have much sun this year. Rain? Seriously??

Check out my dainty paw prints....don't you talk trash about my giant paws Pug!! I'm gonna bite your back fat next time I see you!!!

Dad hates the rain too! He is upset we didn't have a real summer. He pouts more than a pug!

The good thing about rain is that I get sleepy and snuggle on the sofa (better yet on my mom or dad's lap!)

Hey mom!!!! Dancing with the Pugs is on and I want to sleep on your lap. I hope all you pugs stay nice and dry in the upcoming months....I guess winter is here.


  1. We are so glad we got get serious play time with you yesterday because all we've done today is watched rain fall in our yard and tried to figure out how 2 pugs can hold their potty until next spring. We also discussed how impressed we were yesterday when you beat Pug at pug-of-war. Lady you've got moves! Can't wait to see you at Pug-o-ween.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  2. We had about 2 seconds of rain and then cloudyness all day but it was still about 80 degrees. Supposedly it's going to be 60 degrees by Thurs.

  3. Hi Bella, the rain is here in Wales too, but it rains a lot here even in the summer! Winter is here for sure! I love your cute pug paw prints and you are soooo cute ready to watch Dancing with the Pugs!!! Love, Licks and Phugs from Frank xxxxxx

  4. The rain is no fun, but snuggling is a good alternative to outside activities. Bella, you look so cute on the couch!

  5. Our number one favorite rainy day activity is snuggling!!! And eating eatables of course...

    But going out in the rain? NO way! SO not fun.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  6. Hola Bella!!
    Ohhh my you sent us the Rain from S.F. to S.D!!!
    Yesterday was all summery and today lots of rain drops!! Nobody here like the Rain!! even is we can snuggle!! Happy October!!!
    Spongy,Licky & La Patrick

  7. hi b!
    oh staying inside on a rainy day is so fun!
    you look so cute... ready to snuggle in!