Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Devil pugs, Fairy pugs, Flyin' pugs?

So, this was going to be in part 3, but due to popular demand in the pug-verse,  I'll show-off some of the costumes!

During the big event, we pugs and our hoomans were sent outside to get ready, then we had to line up and strut our stuff down the big runway to the judging stand. Unfortunately, Daddy didn't get some of the photos, claiming "Hooman error:"

                       Phoebe and Zoey!! Look at those cool wings!

My bestest bud, Spencer B.!!! Rockin a super cool, and award winning aviator costume! His Granma made it all, including the cool jacket and mini-plane on the back! All he needed was a propeller and he would fly away!

Who the heck is that?!?!? That's me!! In my Devil-Hooker costume! I actually cooperated, horns and all, and strutted my way down the runway, and wowed them on the judging stand! Mommy says it was an appropriate costume, 'cause I act like a Little Devil!!??

But, there was a problem...and it was a HUGE problem for a pug:
 REALLY!?! A double curl? I didn't know about this, especially since my curl is award winning! But, it didn't hurt anything. Let's not forget how sacred THE CURL is, though!

Tomorrow will be filled with the fun stuff that happened: pug races, cheese eatin'....Yowsa!


  1. You look super cute in your costume! Spencer's costume was really cool - he really does look like he is ready to take off :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  2. You do look pretty excited to be in costume, Bella. And I agree with Pugs Strike Back...your man Spencer is rockin'!

  3. Bellatrix, Thank you so much for the pictures of me in my aviator costume. My Gmaw made my jacket and airplane but a lady named Jessica made the hat. She makes all kinds of hats for pugs. Her website is www.allyouneedispug.com. We all had so much fun at PugOWeen playing and eating and sniffing and eating and running and eating. Love ya, Spencer

    That looked like so much fun! And you totally commanded that costume.
    Love Noodles

  5. Thanks for sharing all these great pictures! You looked stunning in your Devil Hooker costume!

  6. You did look good in that costume! We don't mind most costumes (no hats) because we get so many treats and attention when we wear them.

  7. Wow, everyone looks really amazing, so many good costumes, they all look like everyone was having fun, especially you Belly! You look hot as a little devil Pug! Did you do any hooking you horny devil! Ha,Ha! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x