Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Buddy -Belt

So today was the big got the call from the lady at Pugnacious and said my buddy-belt was ready for pick up. I was so excited to go and get it. Mom and dad hopped in the car and it was off to Berkeley to outfit me in the newest fashion. Dad picked out lavender because he said it look nice against my black fur. Mom liked it because it was a festive spring color...I liked it because it was nice and didn't bother me when I walked. I have to admit, I look rather snazzy in it! Mom was so happy that I liked it, she even bought me some new treats! She's trying to convince dad that lavender is a spring/summer color and wouldn't be appropriate for fall/winter. I have a feeling we'll be getting me another one soon enough.


  1. My Bellatrix, you sure look pretty in your new buddybelt! I think your dad did a fantastic job picking out the color. I can't wait to see it in action. Maybe we can get matching fall colors?

  2. Spencer...matching fall colors would be awesome. We'd be even cuter together than we already are! Now I can't wait until next fall!

  3. Ooooh, that is very cool. And I think it makes you look tubeless. Uh, I mean less tubey.

    You EBay pugs got style!!

    I can't wait to visit Pugnacious.

  4. Bellatrix,

    Loooove the new buddy belt. Brigitte has one in hot pink. Don't know what's taking Mom so long to outfit me and Sluggo in ours. She grumbles something about money.Whateva

  5. Hello Bellatrix! You looks so pretty in you new lavender buddy belt! Way to work it! And yes, tell your Daddy that lavender is just a spring/summer color! You will definitely need one for the fall/winter season! Hee Hee. Nice thing too...they are adjustable so you can have a cookie or two or three!

    Josie, Izzy, Anakin

  6. Hiya and Spencer work it almost as much as you do. Now we don't have a theme song as cool as yours (I'm too sexy), but we're working on it.

  7. Wilma...I was soooo gonna get the hot pink, but they don't have it anymore. I know you would look amazing in one and they are super comfy. I know mom and dad said I was gonna get a little less cookie money, but then she turned around and bought me some more treats. Mom spoils me!

  8. Hi Elgin gang! I got Spencer's comment (he's my bestest bud) and we might get matching winter ones! Heck yeah!! I really recommend them, I hated my harness, but I like how smooth this one is. Mom says it's like she bought me my first bra...whatever that is.

  9. Bellatrix!

    I miss you and your blogs finally mom lets me on the computer! I like your buddy belt a lot.
    happy easter!