Sunday, July 11, 2010

Animal Communicator?

So mom had been hinting that there was going to be a big surprise for me and Spencer today. I woke up extra early (5:57am!) just as excited as can be....I love surprises and if they include Spencer, so much the better!! We arrive at Spencer's house, where some serious playing occurred. Then it was off in the car for a new Pug Sunday!! Yep, mom found a pug Sunday in Dublin, and our moms love meeting "pug people". So imagine our surprise when we arrive and THERE ARE NO PUGS!!! Nope just some bully of a dog, who was pushing me and Spencer around...he was such an a*%#@!* (censored by mom!) He totally tried to hurt me...ME! Can you believe it? Poor Spencer was upset and beside himself because he tried to take him down. So we quickly left that park (I flipped him the paw on the way out), and headed to our favorite park in the world Hap McGee Ranch ( I will blog about it at a later time).

Spencer and I met up with our friends, and frolicked for a long time. I always know Spencer feels better when he does his cool pug run, he zips around the park so fast! After a hour or so of play, our moms said they had another surprise for us? Instantly Spencer and I thought food, but nope, it was an appointment with an "Animal Communicator". She was suppose to talk to us and help better our relationship with our humans. Well, either I had a busy signal, or Spencer wasn't feeling too chatty, but the whole experience left our moms shaking their head. Nothing was right, but at least the money went to a local animal rescue group.

I did have fun today with Spencer, and I did orb my way out of an extra treat at the dog store (where the "animal communicator" was), however she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. That I love me some Spencer and he loves me back!


  1. No pugs at Pug Sunday? What the pug!?! We should have our own private pug thing next weekend - it's Frank Week at our house so there would be four of us. Plus Dutch.

    My human is dying to know what the communicator said about you. Did she have any idea that parts of you are a boy??

  2. Try to hurt my girl Bellatrix?! Oh no he didn't. I'm glad Spencer was there to protect you, what a man! Way to flip him off Bella.
    I am sure glad you got to have some good times after that bully tried to spoil the fun. Animal communicator, that must have been interesting. She did't do a great job because you guys are not animals, you are pugs. Like your Mom said, at least the money went to a good cause.

  3. Sorry to hear that you didn't have much luck witht the "communicator". Maybe you & Spencer are too evolved & complex for an animal communicator. Maybe you should try a human one.
    As far as that other dog...if you ever see him again; do to him what you did to your bed & make him your b**ch. If we run into him, we'll let Phoebe get all Resevoir Dogs on his butt. No one messes with one of our friends & gets away with it.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  4. Oh, no, Bellatrix! I am so sorry another dog tried to hurt you!!! This happened to my Flora a few months ago, and it was an incredibly traumatic experience... But I'm glad you're okay now, and had Spencer and your mom in your corner!
    My Flora wishes she could romp with you--she thinks you are her twin. :) Too bad we live in Massachusetts and not on the West Coast!

    I am with Puglet--more info. about the animal "communicator", please!

    -Tiffany, Flora's mom

  5. Oh Belly Buttons!!!!!!


    We's Missed yous so!! Mommy has been neglecting us.. 'dens we had a visitors tonights!!!

    An honorary SunFlower Sista.. okay.. backs to 'da Belly Buttons!!!
    Sorry 'dat mean doggy hurts you!!!!!! Glad Spencer took cares of its!!
    hee hee.. yous Mommy gots yous an Animals communicables camables cators!! Sounds painfuls.. SNORTS!! Yous rights!! Yous alreadys gots yous orbs!!!!!
    And yous and Spence gots yous talks down pats!!
    Tell yous Momma to turns on her Katy Perry's and Lady Gaga's and communicates 'dat!!
    Ut oh's... better nots... yous mights gets in twoubles!! Sorry :( Maybe just tell her yous want a cookie wits yous orbs!!

    hee hee

    Izzy and Josie Sista