Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pug Sunday!!

So I know I already posted a little bit about Pug Sunday, but Puglet's mom took this hysterical picture of me playing with a labradoodle! I'm looking fierce as heck in it! I thought you might all like to see how much fun Pug Sunday can be, even if you're not a pug. I mean Brother Dutch always comes and he's not a pug-although he is a pug in training. So this Sunday mom is taking me and Spencer to a pug Sunday in Dublin California. If any of you bay area pugs are interested, mom will give out the information. It looks real fun, and after, we're going to some place special. It's a secret! Don't worry I'll totally blog about it.
Thanks again for this cool picture Ms. Puglet (hehe). Mom says thanks for all her birthday well wishes, that you all are like an extra family. She said turning *&!@ (edited by mom) wasn't so bad...pretty soon she'll be the big &^!#-0!


  1. Holy cowpies! You do look kinda fierce, but it still looks like the Yeti-doodle is going to eat you :)

    My human wants everyone who hasn't met you in the fur to know that the picture was taken with a weird lens that can sometimes make things bigger than they really are. Bella-T is not as, uh, "filled out" as she appears.

  2. Hello Belly!! Glad yous doing betters!!

    Tell yous Mommy sorry we's ate ups her bloggy pages last nites, butt we's were having technical difficulties wit 'da comments! :(

    We's like 'da picture!! Hee Hee!! It's fun making new friends. We's been making some non-puggie furiends on our bloggy lately and it's fun!!
    Yous look cute ons yous picture header...we's forgots to tell yous whens we's first saws it!!

    And yous not filled out!! Yous need some Icee Creams!! hee hee!!

    Josie and IzZY

  3. Hi Bella,
    What a great picture.At first glance I thought that Labradoodle was a a stuffie.
    Hey, we all know the camera adds 10 lbs.and that's a lot for a pug. You look fierce!

  4. Funny picture...you look like you're saying: "Yeah, I know you're bigger but I'm more fierce" or maybe: "you may know karate but I know Kara-zy"
    We love it!
    Zoey & Phoebe

  5. Hi Bellatrix! Not only do you look fierce in that picture but that labradoodle looks scared of you. Take that, non-pug!

    Stubby xoxo

  6. Thanks guys, I totally channeled my inner fierce pug for that guy! It's hard keeping up sometimes with everyone who wants to play with me! Good times were had in SF on Sunday....in fact I think I'm going to apply for my black belt. Never know when I have to defend my buddy Spencer