Saturday, July 3, 2010

You're turning violet, Violet!

Does anyone remember what movie that is from? Yup one of mom's favorites...Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! In it one of the girls named Violet loves to chew gum. She comes across a piece that mimics eating full meals. Wonka tries to stop the girl from eating it, but she does know why? When she gets to the desert of blueberry pie, she plumps up like a blueberry.

Well, mom thought I'd like these all natural blueberry treats, so she got them for me. At first I wasn't so sure, so I decided to put it in my bed, you know, like store it for when mom and dad hold out on treats. See, some bit(er woman) commented about me at the dog park...saying that I had "filled out", man if I wasn't so nice I would have beat the...err anyways, dad thinks I'm getting too pudgy so they've cut back on treats and meals. So last night I was S T A R V I N G, and no amount of orbs was going to make mom give in. So I went to plan B, aka plan blueberry. So I ate that treat, not the best treat I've ever eaten, but desperate times and all that. So about an hour later, I try looking up from my bed to check in with mom (she was mesmorized by True Blood on DVD) and I couldn't open my eyes! I was freaking out!! Mom paused (hey...can't miss a beat on that show or you're lost) and came to see what was up. My poor eyes had swollen shut and my face was puffy. I looked awful!! Mom texted dad all in a panic, and he figured that blueberry was the culprit.

Luckily we have benedryl at the house from my allergies and I was fine by this morning....but last night was ruff. Mom took a picture, but I talked her out of posting didn't do my orbs justice (seeing that you couldn't actually see my orbs!). Anyone else out there have similar experience? I'd love to have you share with the rest of the class.

Oh and if anyone hasn't seen Willy Wonka and The Chocolate highly recommends the original with Gene Wilder (not her dream man Johnny Depp)...


  1. Oh no - attack of the wild blueberries! I wish our people would stop obsessing about our pudginess. Then bad things from eating nasty fruits and veggies wouldn't happen to nice pugs like you :(

    I've never been attacked by a wild berry, but I did get stunk by a bee once - right on the snout. My face got all puffy and my human kinda freaked out too because we were at the beach far away from any of that benedryl stuff.

    I'm glad you're ok now, Bella-T! Stupid berries.

  2. Johhny is mum's dream too! Anyway no I have not experienced any allergies like thats. How scary is that. Blueberries eh, hmmm never had them before but mum is now saying she doesn't want me trying them just in case. Pft chubbiness, whatever we are just perfect, we are pugs we should be shaped like sausages!


  3. Hey Puglet and Winston, it was funny to be allergic to blueberries. I can eat strawberries and raspberries, but those blueberries just don't make the cut. Mom bought me some ice cream too, but that also has blueberries...she said now she has to go back and exchange some stuff. Oh well, it was tasty while it lasted.

  4. Oh's our Poor Sweet Belly Buttons!!!!

    We's sooo Sorry's yous had reactions to yous little Bellyberries!!

    SHAME on 'dat lady in 'da parks for saying yous "filled outs" If I's finds her I's IzZula style her!!
    'Den yous Poor Mommy trys to do something nice for yous and yous gets puffy's for real!! :(
    Oh!! We send hugs!!
    Too bad Johnny Depp is busy 'cuz he would visit yous for sure Bella!! He would and yous Momma too!! OH GUESS WHAT!! Mommy saw Jack Sparrows at 'da 4th of July parades!! She will post laters on its!! We's thoughts of yous!!!

    Bella, we hope you get well...
    'dis is what happens when we don't check our friends bloggy for a while!! We's out for holiday and 'den we's updated for name game and 'den we's scrolling to finds our Belly and dens dis!!! :( :( :(
    Mommy's got food allergies. She's allergics too bananas, strawberries, celery, dairy...(dats way she can't be a vegetarian...'deres be nothin left for hers to eat...but grass...oh's she's allergic to 'dats too..SNORTS!!

    we's check back!!
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man