Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Signal?

So I've had some requests to clarify what the "Animal Communicator" didn't get me. Well, as you all know I've got a "unique" condition, and she didn't even pick up on it! Um hello, how do you not pick up on that? Next, she says I love Spencer more than he loves me....well actually she "claims" I love him like a girl loves a boy and that I bother him too much for attention, however he only loves me like a sister. This is totally not true at all! Sure we play together, but I don't pester him, he loves it when I make him play with me for hours.
Next, she says I'm afraid of being left in the car by my mom....my mom was fuming when she heard this. First off, mom doesn't leave me in the car! She knows how dangerous that can be, a dog can die like that, let alone a pug! Next she said I don't like to be in the back of the car, I pretty much sit on moms lap while she drives. Um yeah.
Then she claims I told her that mom "gets" me better than dad, and that mom breaks rules when it comes to me. If anyone has ever met mom, then you know she's the Alpha and lives by the rules. Plus I'm totally daddy's little girl and I connect more with him. I'm sorry but I didn't tell this lady a thing. In fact I tooted at the end, just to let her know what I thought of her. Hehehe....


  1. Well, I'd glad it was for a good cause because it sounds like Ms. Communicator is a bad listener. And I mean, if your inner-whatever wasn't talking loud enough, all she had to do was sniff your butt to learn about your "condition".


  2. OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Nows we's get its!! Bellys!! 'dats a cool gifts!!!! We's would loves Mommy to takes us to ones of dems!! So is it kind of likes an animals physic?? Ohhh.... dodododododo...

    Sounds fun!!!!!!! Yous can bring yous Momma's wand!!
    I want a reading!!! Cans yous Mommys take us????

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin

  3. Pee-S

    'dat picture of yous is sooooooooooo cute Bella!!!


  4. Hey BT! It sure was an interesting experience! Although it was totally off kilter!! Least we all got a laugh outta it and the money went to a good cause! Playdate soon? XOXOXOXOXOXOX
    Oh- did you see Puglet's comment yesterday? We should plan our own pugsun while Frank is around!! How fun!!!

  5. How can anyone not hear what you have to say! One look at a picture & we know what's running through your mind. In person, it's even easier. Oh well. Maybe pugs communicate on a different wavelength.
    Zoey & Phoebe

  6. That UN communicator just does not know you Bellatrix.
    Prob more in tune with chihuahuas.

  7. Glad you left that fraud with something to remember you by!!! Some people!!